3 thoughts on “Coronavirus Rescue Team

  1. It’s a sad day indeed when the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has reduced an MIT-trained EECS Ph.D., private pilot, author, photographer, world traveler and general bon vivant to running an escort service to pay the bills. You’ll need a little help with the website graphics, and you might as well make this equal-opportunity for husbands as well.

    Who knows, maybe this will turn into a full-time post-corona career. Sell it all, get out of the frozen northeast, and move to warmer confines. You could open a Gentleman’s Club modeled after The Cheetah in Atlanta, but with extras: you’ve already got the divorce litigation advice ready to go, and you could offer amazing helicopter rides! Then you could expand into LGBTQIA+ services. Those guys can’t beat that!


    Things have come a long way since Fred Garvin.

  2. I presume you have a full compliment of legal professionals on staff, in case the customer elects not to come home after the “quarantine”?

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