New hate speech phrase: “Thank You ALL Workers”

Like righteous Lexington, Massachusetts, our white heterosexual suburb loves to hang banners celebrating Black Lives Matter and a rainbow of LGBTQIA+ victimhood (see “Our faith calls us to affirm Black Lives Matter…”).

To these, neighbors have recently added “Thank you essential workers,” “Thank you frontline workers,” and “Thank you first responders” signs.

Driving west on Rt. 117 to some suburbs that contain at least a few authentic working-class people, if not a significant number of black or LGBTQIA+ people, there is a glaring exception: a house sporting a “Thank You All Workers” sign.

Is this sloppiness? Or hate speech along the lines of “All Lives Matter”?


12 thoughts on “New hate speech phrase: “Thank You ALL Workers”

  1. “Thank You All Workers” would probably not fall under hate speech – yet – but depending on the context it could be interpreted as a dog whistle echo of “All Lives Matter” and then, yes, it would be hate speech, particularly the more frequently it appears to compete with BLM for mindshare. The problem is the word “All”, which whistles out to everyone that you’re not anti-racist, so I would stop using the word “ALL” and probably “EVERY” in connection with people or groups of people. Don’t use colors, and the word “MATTER” and “LIVES” should not be used in the same paragraph to express a coherent thought unless, of course, they are preceded by the word “BLACK”. Also you cannot combine “BLACK LIVES MATTER” with any other word or phrase, qualify or modify it in any way. It must be used as a complete, unmodified noun phrase, standing alone.

    And don’t get creative with acrostics.

    Forbidden (for different reasons depending on your level of sophistication and adherence to the Black Lives Matter orthodoxy:)


    I’m just riffing here, a trained linguist would do a much better job, but it’s very easy to get into trouble.

  2. How about just spelling out the implied meaning of the signs: “BLACK LIVES MATTER; WHITE LIVES DON’T”

    I wonder what the good folks in your town (or mine) would make of a sign like that. It can’t be racist, since it’s anti-white, but maybe it’s too on the nose for them?

    • jimbo: I think it would be more fun to print up and place some signs saying “NO LIVES MATTER EXCEPT MINE (which is why I bought a new TESLA instead of donating money to the poor)”

      (also have BMW, Mercedes, and Audi versions!)

    • A lot of my neighbors’ lawns would also look good with “CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL (but my brand-new pavement-melting SUV is realer)”

    • Saw a black lady carrying a sign that said “All lives can’t matter until black lives matter” pretty close to “..White lives don’t”

  3. It is interesting to note that the recent NYC riots do not appear to have had much if any effect on both infection and mortality rates almost three weeks after the fact.

    The most plausible hypo seems to be that the rioters were young and therefore relatively resistant to the coronaplague, aka the boomer remover.

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