Mask-induced eyeglass fogging will lead to pedestrian fatalities?

I have heard a lot of people say that their eyeglasses fog up when they’re wearing a mask. Especially given the higher speeds that are now possible on urban streets, should we expect to see a higher rate of pedestrian deaths in our cities?

7 thoughts on “Mask-induced eyeglass fogging will lead to pedestrian fatalities?

  1. This is indeed a problem.

    I am recommending 3M surgical medical tape on the top of the mask for this issue.

    Masking tape would also work.

    Somehow, dental assistants and surgeons manage to wear masks at work for 6-12 hours at a stretch, so I imagine civilians can somehow figure this out for their 15 minute trips to Safeway.

  2. This is nothing more than natural selection in action. Only idiots (and those who are forced to by idiots in power) wear masks outside. The risk of getting infected in open air are essentially zero.

    • For natural selection to happen, the “idiots” should be unable to procreate. I doubt wearing masks is sufficient to accomplish that.

  3. I have been wearing eyeglasses for a year. I am required to wear them to drive — they wreck my peripheral vision. I never wear glasses while walking around.

    I am noticing there are groups of people in New York City who are particularly bad about wearing masks properly — policemen , security guards and generally any person tasked with enforcing mask compliance. Compliance by subway riders is nearly total (except for me) and subway ridership is increasing and approaching normal levels. Subway employees, however, particularly the one cleaning out the train cars (I live by a terminus) only wear masks properly, if at all, about half the time.

    No one wears a mask in Central Park except for park workers.

    The homeless have been let out of the hotels and they are back on the streets. They rarely wear masks, unless they are actively begging.

    Orthodox Jews (you know, the ones who actually believe in God) still don’t wear masks — for some reason they don’t trust nationally socialized medicine to protect them.

  4. Is the question alluding to fogging glasses of a pedestrian or of a driver of a motorized vehicle? If it’s a driver, would they even be wearing a mask? If it’s a pedestrian, would they not be on a sidewalk? Or, if crossing the street, not be aware of cars, even with glasses so foggy they are walking around blind? This doesn’t seem like a well thought out thought experiment, sorry.

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