How will Amy Coney Barrett rule on the big question for 2021?

Readers: How are the Amy Coney Barrett hearings going? Did she truly sit through five (5!) hours of opening statements on Monday? Why couldn’t she have been resting at the Trump Hotel while the politicians talked about themselves?

This video shows that Judge Barrett’s daily driver is a Honda Odyssey minivan. Have the senators therefore questioned her on the big question for 2021: should we loyal Honda owners jump ship to the new Sienna minivan?

If you can live with seven seats, the top-of-the-line Siennas feature these Gulfstream-style recliners:

An expensive option? The Court disagrees! The entire top trim Sienna costs less than a single FAA-certified seat for a business jet.

How about this grille?

For comparison, the 2021 Toyota Avalon:

And the Audi e-tron (electric!):

Who decided that we needed cars with huge grilles?

Circling back to the Supreme Court nominee, let’s check my Facebook feed… From a Democrat who fled Manhattan:

A woman who hates women for the Supreme Court; it’s great, she can join a black man who hates black people (tap dancers get the bad rap but Clarence Thomas IS the ultimate Uncle Tom) and sit with the white guy majority who hates everybody. Bye-bye civil rights, bye-bye civil behaviour. Voting T-rump is the greatest act of self-hatred (and planetary destruction) currently available. Unmasked rage disguised as pride; wear it well. My absentee ballot has been counted in Maine.

From a righteous computer programmer:

I don’t know what Barrett will do once she’s seated on the Supreme Court. But it’s perfectly clear to me what the man who nominated her expects her to do. And it’s perfectly clear to her, as well.

(i.e., even after she gets her lifetime job, her thoughts and actions will be determined by a man)

From Maskachusetts Congresswoman Katherine Clark:

#AmyConeyBarrett says she doesn’t have an agenda. But she does have a record—and it stands as an affront to women’s health and rights.

From a divorced mom, part of the most reliable Democrat voting bloc, over a YouTube of Senator Klobuchar’s opening statement:

Please Vote. We can’t just stand by. We have to turn out. #vote2020 #vote

(but her friends are mostly in coastal elite states that are already 100 percent guaranteed to vote for Presidents Biden and Harris!)

From a university employee who describes herself as a “cat person, voter”:

This is not a drill. If Barrett is named to the Supreme Court, I and millions of others will lose access to health care.

(she needs some tips from folks who arrive via caravan over the southern border! Show up at the hospital, don’t give an address, and say “I’m undocumented”!)


  • NYT headline: “Barrett, Declining to Detail Legal Views, Says She Will Not Be ‘a Pawn’ of Trump” (i.e., the nominee talked about people who are and aren’t pawns of the evil mastermind Trump); NYT article body: “I would certainly hope that all members of this committee would have more confidence in my integrity than to think that I would allow myself to be used as a pawn to decide this election for the American people,” she said. (i.e., no mention of Trump specifically!)

9 thoughts on “How will Amy Coney Barrett rule on the big question for 2021?

  1. I like that abortion is a “women’s health” issue — like having a tummy tuck or removing a carbuncle. Though the writer is probably correct that a woman with seven children might think about things differently. I also like that a black man who pulled himself up from nothing to the Supreme Court is an “Uncle Tom” for having the temerity to think for himself. Talk about racism.

  2. Not a big enough house or minivan to make democrats happy. We need more highly compensated politicians who drive Cadillacs & a dedicated ruling class that’s closed to businessmen.

  3. Pretty sure the SC lost all credibility of being impartial in the 2000 election.

    @jack – if abortion isn’t a women’s health issue – who is it a health issue for?

  4. > Who decided that we needed cars with huge grilles?

    Sigmund Freud. The grilles are the automotive expression of the modern American driver’s rage-filled Id.

    Show Me Your War Face! < Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, Full Metal Jacket

  5. They’re going fine, she’s an extremely well-qualified person. The Democrats know she’s going to be confirmed and then they’re going to pack the court. Erwin Chemerinsky weighed in on it a while back, and that’s what’s going to happen next year. They didn’t go after her with the torches and pitchforks because they’re going to impeach Kavanaugh and pack the court in 2021.

    The threat of increasing the size of the court to 13 might be enough to discourage Republicans from their dirty tricks. But if they do it anyway, and the November election produces a Democratic win in the White House and a Democratic majority in the Senate, Congress would be totally justified in increasing the size of the court.

  6. That recliner seat in the Sienna looks awesome! That right there is a fantastic Uber limousine, if you live in an area where the passengers will appreciate the recliner. Leave it to Toyota to bring Maybach-style passenger luxury to the masses in a minivan.

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