Oshkosh: the diabetes organization sells soda

#OnlyInAmerica: the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation sells Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and other delicious drinks in 20 oz. bottles.

What you’ll look like after a week of event food…

The EAA bookstore has a section for the mentally deficient:

Always a good question to ask…

A T-shirt that probably won’t sell out…

Airbus A400 from Germany:

So far a great EAA AirVenture! Yesterday the stream of text messages probably did not bring too much cheer to those in tents:

The radar at 10:35 pm:

(KOSH is in the bottom right, surrounded by a dashed red line for the airshow temporary flight restriction.)

3 thoughts on “Oshkosh: the diabetes organization sells soda

  1. > the diabetes organization sells soda

    That’s a common practice.

    Our government runs a lottery and issues licenses for gabling entertainment and then turns around and runs services and funds nonprofit organizations to prevent gabling and help gabblers.

    Is this the broken window syndrome or what?!

  2. Same with the snacks at nutrition conferences. Clown world it is. Some of the beeties is probably caused by vaccines with the sugar making it worse.

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