Who has ordered Jeremy’s Razors?

A reader sent the following:

The product can be ordered at jeremysrazors.com.

Based on the photos, it doesn’t look like this is yet another private-label Dorco (the Korean experts behind the marketeers at Dollar Shave Club).

The commercial is fun and the product description includes “It identifies as the best shave kit ever assembled and its preferred pronouns are Buy/Now.” However, I’m not convinced it is worth $60 (8 blades, handle, and some shaving cream in a “socialism-resistant bag”). The comparable Dorco product has a trimmer on the back, a “3D Motion” handle, and is available on Amazon for $23 (then every time you stop at CVS for a COVID-19 vaccine booster pick up some Edge, which is no doubt superior to Jeremy’s cream). Dorco hasn’t taken any position on American politics as far as I know. If you’re in Maskachusetts and need to disguise the fact that you’re not using Gillette anymore, put all of the above in this zippered pouch:

Update: for those who wondered about where razors are made, I did some exhaustive Scientific research (i.e., drove to CVS). I found Gillette products made in China (the latest and greatest “GilletteLabs” razor) and Germany (the core Fusion5 cartridges).


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  1. It looks overpriced to me, probably cheap OEM blades and “tungsten” (tungsten carbide?) handle. Alibaba has hundreds of offers below $5. They should give it away as a welcome present for a two year Daily Wire subscription.

    The initiative against woke corporations isn’t bad, but I don’t want a protest razor. I guess I’ll try one of the Dorco rebrandings.

  2. A not-a-flamethrower isn’t enough. He needs an SR-20 & a honda minivan. He’s not even an expert witness.

  3. Since he (and the women accompanying him throughout) manage to maintain their composure without cracking the “fifth wall” (the metaparody postmodern wall beyond the fourth wall) throughout – plus that savage “click” on the flamethrower – I have to say the ad was very “well done.” He should have thought about cooking a steak there in front of the razors, tho. A little rare, red meat would have been great.

    I give it 9/10.

    Never heard of the razors, but thanks for the heads up on Dollar Shave Club. Sneaky bastards.

    I hope someone who reads here attempts an objective evaluation – I have an open mind! I’m a freewheeling dude! And there is still progress to be made in the cartridge razor world, so I hope someone tries them. They look nice.

    • I have to investigate the provenance a little more incl. the bag that comes with them, which has a nice pattern but otherwise looks a bit cheap/generic. A leather – or better yet – alcantara bag made in USA would add bonus points for me. But it shows that someone out there is thinking, at least.

  4. Something important to me – are Jeremy’s products manufactured or going to be manufactured in the USA?
    Cost is not a factor for me. I’d pay extra for a product made in the USA and be a loyal customer.

  5. I would shave with a rusty sickle and pay a thousand dollars if it helps the fight against the woke leftist, LGBTQ indoctrination of our children. I’m sure the quality will be good and as a startup company I would also assume that prices will normalize.

  6. I tried one of these razors and it was like pulling a rusty rototiller across my face. I haven’t bled that much in my life.
    Still, as a man, I’m required to love this product. When my family recoils in horror at the war-torn no-man’s-land that used to be my face, I can proudly say that I sacrificed it to beat Harry’s and Gillette….. y’know… the only other razor companies in existence.

    • I know right? I know the razors were made by Chinese child slaves, and the company is just a publicity stunt to grift money from conservatives for a couple years before declaring bankruptcy and blaming the failure on libs somehie, but my hatred of trans folk will see no reason.

    • Ben and Matt: I’m impressed that you’ve built a time machine so that you could spend April shaving with a product that won’t be delivered, at the earliest, until July (according to the web site).

    • Indeed. I’ve seen Jeremy with an example kit, but as far as I know none have been released to anyone. So how exactly do you know how well these razors work? Did Jeremy send you a set to try out, or are you as much BS as your screen name? Just asking…

  7. The commercial looks like something from the movie “Idiocracy” but which appropriates sane causes.

  8. I get the meaning of the sarcastic commercial (“this is how the woke perceive toxic masculinity”), but the mixture of amateurism and trashiness (even if deliberate) does not appeal to me. If you attempt that, it needs to be James Bond level to be convincing, and it shows how professional Hollywood really is in comparison.

    Apparently there is an audience for this, same as for the increasingly sensationalist thumbnails on YouTube, but I no longer feel at home at the Daily Wire. But the whole intellectual dark web is moving from being a refuge for the cool kids to blatant commercialization.

    • Thanks for the links. The attachment from handle to blade cartridge looks different between Jeremy’s and Kaili. I think it is too soon to say that they are related. If Jeremy’s razors are not made domestically there will have to be a “Made in XXX” on the box when they finally ship in July, right?

      It is unclear how one would compare Asian societies with the U.S. on a wokeness spectrum (“rainbow”?). Here’s a young lady who offers a comparison between North Korean and Columbia University: https://nypost.com/2021/06/14/north-korean-defector-slams-woke-us-schools/

      Yeonmi Park attended Columbia University and was immediately struck by what she viewed anti-Western sentiment in the classroom and a focus on political correctness that had her thinking “even North Korea isn’t this nuts.”

      “I expected that I was paying this fortune, all this time and energy, to learn how to think. But they are forcing you to think the way they want you to think,” Park told Fox News. “I realized, wow, this is insane. I thought America was different but I saw so many similarities to what I saw in North Korea that I started worrying.”

      The 27-year-old told The Post that she could’t believe she would be asked to do “this much censoring of myself” at a university in the United States.

      “I literally crossed the Gobi Desert to be free and I realized I’m not free, America’s not free,” she said.

      “Every problem, they explained us, is because of white men.” Some of the discussions of white privilege reminded her of the caste system in her native country, where people were categorized based on their ancestors, she said.

      “I thought North Koreans were the only people who hated Americans, but turns out there are a lot of people hating this country in this country,” she told The Post.

    • Anon: thanks for doing the research! He says that cartridge razors aren’t made in America. That sounds like fake news because I thought at least Gillette was making most of its products in the U.S.


      says that Gillette fooled me! “Despite a national ad campaign that highlights Gillette’s sprawling World Shaving Headquarters in Boston — with the implication that all of its products are made in the USA — a TINA.org investigation has found that Gillette makes only a couple of its blades there.” Maybe I will go to CVS today and see what it says on the package.

      But if you are opposed to current enforcement procedures for political orthodoxy in the U.S., I don’t know why it is a problem to buy razor blades from China (in addition to your phone, half of your car, and all of the other Chinese-made stuff that you rely on daily). As far as I know, Chinese society and business are tolerant of a wide range of beliefs regarding 2SLGBTQQIA+, Black Lives Matter, race-based employment discrimination, abortion, etc. People can even express skepticism regarding the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in China without being unpersoned and deplatformed.

    • philg: Regarding buying from China, I agree. I love their concept of the Baizuo (woke white liberal). They encourage their boys to be more masculine! So indeed the Daily Wire should buy from China!

      But Rand Paul went a bit further than that in the linked promo article above, which seems an odd thing to quote in connection with a Chinese manufactured product:

      Turning back to MLB, Paul continued, “But the whole thing about this, I can’t imagine, they’re boycotting the Georgia state law and yet they do business with China. China’s never seen a free election. China’s now putting people in jail for over a year at a time, for speech violations. And yet they do business with China, but Georgia expanded their voting, they added early voting, more early voting than Delaware or New York, and yet they’re punishing Georgia because they think it’s somehow some sort of Jim Crow. These people holding up Jim Crow signs need to remember it was the Democrats who instituted Jim Crow across the South; it’s the legacy of the Democrat Party, and what Republicans have done in Georgia is expand voting access, if you read the bill.”

  9. I am sick and tired of woke companies telling the consumer what’s what. I have a harry’s razor and the blades are no better than any other razor. Afyer the fifth shave its pretty much done. My Gillette’s (another woke company) last 4 times longer than that. I will give this a shot and see if its better. Just on the commercial alone its worth funding an over priced kit to see another installment. Now is their someone out their willing to take on Disney? The future of my grandkids hangs in the balance.

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