Meet at Sun ‘n Fun this weekend?

Who else will be at Sun ‘n Fun this weekend in Lakeland, Florida? For those who are unfamiliar with this glorious event, it is a gathering of aviation enthusiasts that is a little more manageable than Oshkosh (EAA AirVenture).

To prevent a January 6-style insurrection within the family, I splurged on the $25 Preferred Airshow Seating for Saturday so that would probably be the easiest way/place to meet.

Pictures from 2014:


6 thoughts on “Meet at Sun ‘n Fun this weekend?

  1. What would a January 6 insurrection at an airshow look like for a family with two kids? Perhaps rushing into the latest corporate bizjet, flouncing on the sofa, and watching a movie on the 90 inch OLED TV?

    • Mike: Aircraft homebuilders, especially those working in fiberglass, have been wearing N95 masks for 50+ years! But I am not sure that an aviation gathering in central Florida will be the ideal location for photographing mask signs. says “Florida is an open and mandate-free state. We will continue to update and follow all guidelines set forth by the State of Florida,” (i.e., wear a mask if you want to and/or you’re recently arrived from the Northeast)

  2. The Grumman Widgeon reminded me for a second of the plane Rae Dawn Chong (“Cindy”) flew in that awesome Arnold Schwarzenegger (“Matrix”) classic, “Commando” from 1985. But alas, the plane in the movie was not a Widgeon, it was a G-21 Goose:

    The unforgettable ending scene:

    The “Commando Rampage” scene in which Matrix slices off the top of a dude’s head by flinging a circular saw blade! Mind blowing!

    Nobody makes movies this good any more!

    • BTW the watch Matrix wears in the film is a Seiko H558-5000 quartz. Some original used specimens can still be found on the interwebs in good to excellent condition, and an updated version with solar power is on sale at Macy’s for just $393.75.

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