Are you working over the High Holidays?

A friend here in San Diego characterized today as the “High Holidays” because it is both Pride Month and Juneteenth (observed by government workers).

Readers: Are you forced to work today or are you relaxing at home reflecting on the injustices experienced by slaves who were also members of the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community?

13 thoughts on “Are you working over the High Holidays?

  1. I am working. Yesterday, too. I don’t know whether you’d call it “forced” – I suppose there is always the option of losing whatever clients are left and having everything completely implode. My father is working, too. In fact he’s doing most of it at 76+ years old. He’s one of those Evil White Men.

    It’s a gorgeous day and I’d love to spend more time outside where I am, maybe tonight I’ll be able to take a walk along the lake.

    • Early in the morning today, sometime between 1PM and 3PM, someone must have smacked into a utility pole here and knocked out the power for a couple of hours, which almost ruined some of the food stored in the fridge. I haven’t read from the police reports whether they were celebrating Father’s Day, Juneteenth or Pride Month a little too much. Maybe all three! I get the impression that we shouldn’t stack these holidays up this way. I guess we’ll have to eliminate Father’s Day. Here’s the official Google Doodle for Father’s Day 2022. I don’t see any gender references in there!

    • They also claim that Father’s Day was on March 19, 2022. Whew, ain’t that a corker! Three months ago!

      This directly contradicts their own search. Apparently Google has been hit so hard by the recent downturn that, with all their resources, they can’t remember when Father’s Day really is. I guess that means it’s time for the Memory Hole.

    • Sorry, 1AM and 3AM. Typing too fast while multitasking. Someone can correct/delete.

    • @Fazal: You’ve got my vote on that referendum. We can make Mother’s Day an entire month also. Maybe separate them by nine months.

    • Given that fathers can be pregnant too those days, we have to celeberate Father’s Month during Mother’s Month too. In essence, fathers now have 2 months of celebration each calendar year but that still doesn’t beat #Pride celebration which is 12 months in a calendar year.

      As a side note, some 30 min ago, I got yet another one of those company wide email: “You’re Invited: Be You! Pride celebration panel discussion || Please open email for more details”

      In addition to the above, here is what’s in my inbox for the month of June (so far):

      “Invitation: Juneteenth panel discussion|| June 21st || 1pm ET” — the body of the email is in rainbow and included topic on #Pride for Juneteenth.

      “Navigating challenges for LGBTQ+ families” — hmm, why they left out 2SLGTBQIA+?

      “Celebrating Pride Month || Standing in Solidarity” — so this is a standup celebration, like a Scrum meeting?

      “REMINDER TO JOIN: Panel discussion || Celebrating Asian Pride Month || June 1,11am EST ||” — so non Asians are excluded from this discussion?

  2. Unfortunate, I’m working today. This is despite my Big company reminding us that it is Juneteenth holiday and to celeberate it. Of course, last week they reminded us to celeberate #Pride and the week before that #ComingOut and before that #Inclusion so on and so forth. They remind us to celeberate all those causes but won’t give us the day off to do so. This is soooo against #Equality and #LoveIsLove.

  3. The lion kingdom is 1 of the wretched refuse insurrectionist private sector & knows nothing of a holiday. Hopefully the expert witnesses enjoy their holiday parties.

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