George W. Bush, Gay Rights Activist

Joel was looking a little out of shape so I suggested that he ride his bike up to the 1500′ ridge behind Berkeley and Oakland… with 200 lbs. of dead weight on the back of the bike (me).  Two guys on a tandem bicycle in the Bay Area it is just about the same as painting “We are gay” on the back of your T-shirt.

What’s it like being gay?  Attractive young women on bikes going the opposite direction smiled and waved at us.

What does one talk about when riding a tandem?  There are the fabulous views out over all the bridges of San Francisco Bay, of course, but also gay marriage.  In this day and age of private contracts it seems that the one truly concrete benefit gay marriage confers is the ability to transfer property, tax-free, upon one’s death to one’s partner.  George W., however, has basically eliminated the “death tax”.  Thus gay couples, even without the benefit of a civil marriage of some sort, are able to enjoy substantially all of the benefits of being married.

Ergo, George W. Bush is the greatest gay rights activist of the 21st Century (so far).

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