Democrats = mediocrity; Republicans = lottery ticket

Our nation seems to be gearing up for the 2004 elections… more than a year in advance.  At first glance you’d think that the Republicans couldn’t win.  Here’s a party that represents rich people, corporate executives who loot from average Americans’ mutual funds, and Enron.  A party that can take credit for focussing on the welfare of people in Iraq while Americans are losing their jobs.  You’d expect George W. to get votes from Jack Welch, Kenneth Lay, William T. Esrey, and a few other rich guys.  But why would another 49 million Americans vote for the Republicans?

Basically the Democrats are the party of mediocrity.  Schools are in bad shape, sure, but maybe if we pay the existing bureaucrats and teachers more money we could achieve a 2 or 3 percent improvement.  Not this year but maybe in five years we’ll see results.  Government services are shoddy and sluggish but perhaps if we raise taxes by 20 percent they can be improved slightly.  We have to come to terms with the fact that we’ve sucked most of the North American continent dry of oil.  Troublesome foreign dictators and rioting mobs can be appeased for a few years if we look the other way while they build more advanced rockets and nuclear bombs.

This could explain why Democrats are popular with very well educated people, such as college teachers.  When you’ve got a PhD and think that the average person is frighteningly stupid you don’t dare hope for anything better than mediocrity from a government that is inevitably operated by citizens of average intelligence and education.

The Republicans by contrast are the party of grand aspirations.  Inner city children will be able to choose from a range of high quality schools, all competing with each other.  Taxes will be low and economic growth will be strong.  We’ll get back to a pre-WWII state of oil independence if only we start drilling in obscure wilderness corners of Alaska.  Restive Muslims worldwide will be awed by American military power into abandoning their dreams.

The Republican goals may be unrealistic but they are inspiring, just like the goal of winning the Lottery.  And apparently equally popular…

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