Hardest core person so far

The hardest core person encountered so far on this trip is Eric Duquenoy (http://eduquenoy.chez.tiscali.fr).  He left France a little more than two years ago in a smallish 4WD diesel Mitsubishi, drove down through French Northwest Africa, shipped his car/home from Togo to Brazil, drove down to Ushuaia, Argentina, then came up the West Coast of South America as far as Ecuador before shipping the car up here to Panama City (there is no road link between Columbia and Panama and it is dangerous to drive through Columbia).  Eric is a 44-year-old former computer programmer who sleeps in a pop-up mattress/tent mounted to his car’s roof (similar to what you see at http://www.loftyshelters.com/).  Eric and I met in the old city this afternoon and he gave me a lift back to my hotel where I discovered the hardest core element of all in his story:  the Mitsubishi is unairconditioned.

One thought on “Hardest core person so far

  1. Let’s see… French, computer programmer, lives in unairconditioned car… I’m thinking this guy must have the worst body odor in the history of the universe.

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