Aerial photos of the spiral jetty in the Great Salt Lake

Having finally gotten Photoshop scripting sort of under control, contains some photos of my old airplane flying over the spiral jetty artwork in the Great Salt Lake.  These were taken by Jenny Reinman from a physician-piloted Cessna [a plurality of private aircraft owners seem to be MDs] while her husband Paul Reinman and I flew in the Diamond Star.

7 thoughts on “Aerial photos of the spiral jetty in the Great Salt Lake

  1. The largest are the .4 jpegs and they are 1500×1000, same as my PhotoCD images. You have to click on “a larger JPEG” or something after clicking on the thumbnail (unless you customize the server with a cookie saying “I want the big JPEG always”).

  2. Nice photos, and nice timing.

    The lake level has dropped so much since you took these photos, the Jetty has been landlocked, just a spiral-shaped bump in a field of salt crystals.

    Of course, it was also underwater for the first 20+ years of its existence; natural flux is one of Smithson’s points, I think.

  3. Do you think in a couple of millenia future archeologists will be comparing this figure to the designs cut into the desert in Peru or to the figure of a man cut into the chalk of an English hillside?

  4. public sculpture is under attack… Please send this alert around:

    Please send letter of protest and alert all of your freinds to do the same. The State of Utah is entertaining approving oil drilling at a sites around Robert Smithsons Spiral Jetty out in the Great Salt Lake. We need to protest before 02.13 during the public comment period. This would be the dumbest thing the State of Utah has ever done. This is a significant cultural site and public art piece only the Legistature is too naive to appreciate it.

    The public may comment on the proposal through Feb. 13 through the state Resource Development Coordinating Committee, E-210 State Capitol Complex, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84114, or

    Pearl Montana Exploration and Production LTD, of Calgary, Alberta, seeks a permit to drill oil wells in the Great Salt Lake about five miles southwest of Rozel Point and the Spiral Jetty. Drilling activities will be based on floating barges anchored to the lake bottom.

    If you want to send a letter of protest to save the beautiful, natural Utah environment around the Spiral Jetty from oil drilling, the emails or calls of protest go to Jonathan Jemming 801-537-9023 Please refer to Application # 8853. Every letter makes a big difference, they do take a lot of notice and know that publicity may follow. Since the Spiral Jetty has global significance, emails from foreign countries would be of special value.

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