How do I turn a T-Mobile voicemail into an MP3 file on my computer?


I have a T-Mobile voice message that I would like to save as an MP3 file on my computer (for eventual publication on my Web site).  What’s the best way to do this?  I can forward the voicemail to another T-Mobile customer.  I can play it back from my phone or, with a PIN number, from any phone.

[Problem solved, with free software, thanks to a kind reader’s email: ]

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  1. The Sony T637 will record telephone audio to flash. For example, I have left-joystick set to launch the recorder — call VM, PIN, then left-joystick records the VM audio. Then one can use BT OBEX file transfer to move the audio (as an AMR file) to a PC. There’s a plugin for RealAudio to play AMR files. Search web for AMR/MP3 conversion.

    Would be nice if tmo would put the vm on the web like Vonage. Of course, one can fwd tmo missed calls to a suitable VM service.

  2. or, with a PIN number, from any phone.

    Are you still using a VOIP service? A softphone client may be able to record it, and if you can’t, you can use something like Virtual Audio Cable would certainly allow you to re-route the audio to other software for recording.

  3. There’s a company called GotVoice ( that will retrieve your voicemails, convert them to mp3, and then email them to you. Or at least, that’s what it’s supposed to do. I signed up and it worked initially, but I haven’t received any of my voicemails over email in a while.

  4. The easiest way to do this is get a cable that is male stereo jack on both ends, Plug one into your phone (it should have a headphone jack) and the other into your PC. Then use a program such as audacity to record it

  5. You can follow John Anderson’s recommendation or Radio Shack has a device designed (maybe designed is to strong a term) to perform the task. It’s called a Wireless Phone Recording Controller (Part# 17-855).

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