The best review ever?

My friends Paul and Miryam were gracious enough to let me stay in their guest cottage in California a week ago.  Said guest cottage is a former garage, with no insulation and only an electric space heater for warmth.  It was 45 degrees F outside and raining overnight in Berkeley.  Inside the garage, it was a toasty 47 degrees F.  I decided to get them an electric blanket or mattress pad.  In shopping for this item, I found what might well be the best review ever, of any product.  Check

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  1. I frequently check for product review before I buy from Amazon. I found MOST reviewers are very fair and helpful and therefore I follow their advice. I wish to point out Philip Greenspun has contributed some excellent product reviews himself that I found useful.

  2. This guy has thousands of reviews. Here is another:

    101 Ways to Spoil Your Grandchild by Vicki Lansky
    Edition: Hardcover
    Price: $8.95

    Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours

    24 used & new from $3.60
    2 of 9 people found the following review helpful:
    Good gift, just make sure your grandparent can read!, December 14, 2005
    This is a great gift! I would recommend it for any grandparent, here’s why:

    Cute: grandparents love cute things

    Cheap: even if it’s not used for information, it’s cheap enough to make the cute factor pay off the whole of the price

    Useful: it really does have good ways to spoil your grandchild

    I bought this book for my grandma, and she loved it because it’s cute…the only problem is she hasn’t really been spoiling me with it…I think it’s because she must not really know how to read. I KNOW she loves me and we all know love = money, so it must not be that, so I think it’s a reading problem. I also think that’s why she laughed when she opened it, now I know it was a Nervous laugh! because she can’t read. Some of you reading this may think it’s mean to say all this about my grandma whom I love, but just don’t tell her (Jeanette Ross), we all know she won’t be able to read it herself anyway. Maybe someday she’ll learn her “letters.” Which makes me wonder, if when you die, you go to heaven, if you couldn’t read before, do they teach you? Do you magically know? What about Chinese people? Can you talk to them in heaven? Do they get taught English or do you get taught Chinese? Or is there a “Heaven Language?” If there is a “Heaven Language,” what is the closest one on earth to is? Is the “Heaven Language” the one Adam and Eve spoke, or did they speak something different? I can’t wait to die and find all this out!

  3. Anyone implying this hilarious review is anything but the genuine article does not know enough people from Ventura ;-> If the other reviews of this good, “Sam K” should option them collectively into a movie starring Sean Penn reprising his role as Spicoli.

  4. That is a pretty good one. There was a series of pretty funny reviews several years ago on Amazon. Apparently there was a “Harry Potter” broom with some kind of sound effects; It was eventually realized by parents that some kids had realized that the sound effects caused to the broom to vibrate (in an apparently gratifying manner). There were a whole series of reviews like “Even though she’s supposed to be too old for it, it’s my daughter’s favorite toy”

  5. Everyone should read Mister Quickly’s Amazon Reviews. Here’s a couple:

    Game Face Paintball E-Rex Elite Semi-Auto Marker

    3 of 6 people found the following review helpful:

    game face paintball, December 13, 2004
    As the product title indicates, this gun is ideal for a game called “game face paintball.” I found this game is fun to play with people who have broad faces, and more challenging with people who have narrow faces. As my face is narrow, I am a difficult target; but my friend Tim has a fat moon-shaped face, and is a slow runner. This makes him easy sport, albeit tiresome to continually hunt long after you’ve pock-marked his face and further augmented its lunar qualities. A combination of faces of varying widths and lengths easily mixes things up; try tossing in a few weasel-faced people, and you’ve got yourself an afternoon!

    Great product.

    2-Pc. Gorilla Bar Set

    3 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

    An adequate pry bar., November 26, 2004
    As far as pry bars go, this one is average. I recommend the Stanley 55-515 12-1/2″ Pry Bar if you’re really interested in prying things. This pry bar is light, and I was able to pry into a few houses, but it just doesn’t have the feel of the Stanley. I gave it a three because the smaller pry bar in this set is incredibly useful for opening windows. Plus, it’s got a cool name. When you and your accomplices are talking about gear, telling them that you’ve got your “gorrila bar” really has a heft to it, and is liable to impress them. Saying you brought your “Stanley” isn’t as fulfilling. The name sounds a lot like you brought an old man along. “I brought Stanley.” Anyways, 3 star pry bar set. The Stanley is really where its at, as far as pry bars go.

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