My girlfriend saw the Eliot Spitzer photo in the New York Times…

… and now she wants a prenuptial agreement reading “In the event that husband (henceforth referred to as ‘The Slimy Weasel’) is caught with a hooker, intern, dominatrix, etc., the wife (henceforth referred to as ‘The Long Sufferer’), shall not be required to appear on any dais, adjacent to any lectern, or in frame when The Slimy Weasel is giving an interview explaining his conduct.”

[Why is it that whenever we see a politician speaking and a stoic wife standing adjacent we don’t have to read the story to figure out that he was caught with his hand in some cookie jar?]

3 thoughts on “My girlfriend saw the Eliot Spitzer photo in the New York Times…

  1. Phil,
    I have always been amazed at the various wives’ capacity for remaining composed and not appearing non-plussed on camera after public-figure hubby has committed some untoward act or another against wifey.
    Maybe that is included in their pre-nup, also?
    “I (wife of celeb or politico figure) agree to always act dignified in public no matter how badly my husband has acted towards me/family.” Amazing.
    And the Spitzer incident could arguably raise this question:
    If Hillary wins the presidency, would she march Bill out to the dias to stand nobly beside her if she ever got caught in a compromising position? 🙂 Now that would be great theater!

  2. Interestingly, the few times it has been reversed there is not a similar pose. Kitty Dukakis didn’t stand up there with Mike steadfast behind her, he just stood up for her. Similarly, John McCain’s wife started a charity for getting prescriptions to those who couldn’t afford them and used the program to write a bunch of prescriptions for her own pills. Mmmmm, yummy.

    What does the pre-nup say about flying?

  3. I was waiting for the second second after E. Spitzer (Will Spitzering now become a new synonym for tanking everything ? But I digress) quit speaking and Mrs. Spitzer just hauled off and just slapped the be-jesus out of him. Just one opened handed and very sharp slap. I regret that this did not happen.

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