Leica finally produces a digital camera better than a $700 Canon Digital Rebel

Leica produced some great film cameras over the years, but the digital revolution left them breathing Nikon and Canon’s dust.  A Leica customer would spend $5000 to obtain the same quality images as a kid with a $700 Canon Digital Rebel.  Want to get the same image quality as a $2000 Canon EOS 5D?  Leica didn’t offer anything competitive.

Leica finally has something to show for itself, a $50,000 camera system that competes with the Hasselblad H3.  The sensor is 30x45mm (compare to the standard 24x36mm frame in the professional Canon bodies) and made by Kodak, another company that has had trouble adapting to the digital world.  Output is 37 megapixels, less than Hasselblad’s 50 MP, but more than Canon’s 21 MP (latest version of the 5D).

Will an 8×10″ print look better than what you could take with a Canon 5D (old version or new) and $100 Canon 50/1.8 lens?  Probably not, but the Leica or Hasselblad would be nice to have for making museum exhibits with 30×45″ and larger prints.

More: http://crave.cnet.co.uk/digitalcameras/0,39029429,49299037,00.htm