Why I love international organizations

As a taxpayer, my only comfort in our newest war is that it provokes some thought on the nature of international organizations. A Nobel Peace Laureate is killing people who recently chaired the United Nations Human Rights Commission. Why? Because the United Nations Security Council has decided that the former chair of the Human Rights Commission doesn’t provide enough human rights. Truth is truly stranger than fiction.

3 thoughts on “Why I love international organizations

  1. Tut, tut.

    Insisting on words having the same meaning that they used to have is so un-post-modern of you. Horribly old-fashioned; might get you in trouble at fashionable parties.

    You are assuming that the UN has anything to do with promoting some sort of cohesion (say a union) among nations. Or that “human rights” have something to do with properties afforded to (or rights) of actual human people as opposed to abstractions on posters in demonstrations, or that the Nobel Peace prize has something to do with promoting peace or in fact with any measurable outcome.

    If instead of being at the engineering-oriented MIT, you were at an enlightened place like the Univ of California system, you’d have lost all these “words have meaning illusion,” viz:


    The reason engineering oriented places like MIT cannot be flexible with meaning of words is that the physical reality doesn’t care. Whereas the political reality of the UN is all about newspeak at a global scale.

    (I too am guilty of being an engineer and for that served 5 yrs of hard labor, no parole, at the IHTFP – grad school, though, not undergrad.)


  2. Well, the real reason is oil. Just look at Bahrain, where the US hardware is being quite happily used by Saudis to kill people who want some freedom, with zero US intervention.

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