English helicopter pilot marries

How I would write today’s big news story:

Bill Louis, English helicopter pilot marries. The groom has significant time as first officer on the WS-61 Sea King helicopter, a five-bladed design with a maximum gross weight of 21,400 lbs and a cruise speed of 112 knots. The helicopter is powered by two Rolls-Royce turboshaft engines, each with 1660 shp.  The bride, Catherine Middleton,has yet to earn a rating.

(What do I love about England, aside from the fact that we’re copying them (October 2008; January 2009)? The really know how to celebrate a helicopter pilot’s marriage!)


6 thoughts on “English helicopter pilot marries

  1. The bride’s father is a former flight dispatcher and her mother is a former flight attendant. The groom’s father is also a pilot. This aviation lineage is certainly “uncommon.”

  2. I came here expecting to see exactly this take on the royal wedding, and I am pleased with the result.

  3. But what about … The Fabulous Dress?

    She appeared in the morning in an African-inspired white number with black accents:

    but soon covered up in a warmer and less formal jungle camo with red fringes:

    this was replaced by a mustard-yellow coat with a small bullseye accessory on the flank, more suited to a warm sunny afternoon:

    those with an observant eye at dusk had the privilege of seeing her in less ostentatiousness solid gray eveningwear:

  4. The bride’s family has, on occasion, provided a landing area for the groom’s helicopter.

    Because that’s something that would truly endear my in-laws to me.

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