Tariffs on Chinese solar panels + subsidies = recipe for infinite size government?

I read in the news today that the a group of U.S. government workers are going to collect tariffs on Chinese-made solar panels. This group will presumably supplement those federal and state government workers whose job it has been to stimulate demand for those same solar panels with tax subsidies. Could this be the magic recipe for a government of infinite size?

[I still want a solar panel system for my roof, but I’m waiting until I can buy it at Home Depot or Lowe’s and I really would like to use it as a source of backup power, though it seems that isn’t practical.]

6 thoughts on “Tariffs on Chinese solar panels + subsidies = recipe for infinite size government?

  1. Oh we are currently going through it here in Germany. Our system is a little more perfidious. The buyers of electricity have to pay prices fixed by the government to those having installed this PVS modules. e.g if you put PVS on your roof in 2008 you get 0.4675 €/KWH. The current price to pay is not even half of this.

    And because it has worked to “wonderful” the people put PVs on every roof in sight. And suddenly it occurred to your politicians that this makes electricity much more expensive. Now they are trying the full-stop.

    However even before the PVS suppliers were going “bankrupt”. In fact every German PV Suppliers stocks have lost more than 97 somewhat per cent since 2005 or 2006.

    Now I guess this is a successful business in terms of politicians and I guess your bureaucrats want to have the same “success”.

  2. Maybe pople that live in really cold cloudy climates like Germany and Boston should not install ANY solar systems as the return on investment and power output from solar systems is really poor under those conditions. And the politicians and the customers and the suppliers know it but everyone want to dream and tell lies. So this is just people telling “tall stories (eg lies)” to each other on the street corner IMO…

    By the way solar panel systems have been for sale at Home Depot for years. Here is a link…



  3. FDomincus, wow! Those rates are about 3-4x NYC power rates.
    Bill, surely at some price, it would be worth installing.

  4. @Paul. They are true because I got this prices for the PVS modules on my roof. I name it self defense. AFAIKT ist seems I produce on average the amount of electricity I’ need a year. But the prices are nearly high enough to pay the expenses for the electricity I’ve to buy and the heating of my house also. Not bad for me personal, but a catastrophy for all those not having such things installed.

    It’s the shame of subsedies. And still all the German PVs suppliers are near bankrupt. Their modules are more expensive than chinese one. And the suppliers have not done anything e.g for storing electricity.

    Just imagine one could combine PVs and save the currency for those grey and rainy days……

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