London Olympics spends $10,000 on each security guard’s uniform is sort of a fun article if you do some arithmetic on what the British are spending on one facet of security at the London Olympics. There were supposed to be 10,000 guards and the cost of their uniforms was 65 million pounds or roughly $10,200 per guard. In the best tradition of an ossified bureaucratic moribund society, more money is allocated to management (125 million pounds) than labor (83 million pounds). Overall, had things worked out as planned/hoped, the British would have spent $446 million (enough to have financed 15 Googles) to have 10,000 minimally trained security guards work for the 17-day event. That works out to $44,600 per guard or $2,623 per guard per day. As it happens, though, the contractor wasn’t able to supply the 10,000 guards, many of them could not speak English, and many were unable to stay awake during their minimal training. So the cost per actual guard may be closer to $100,000.

[The guards themselves don’t receive this $100,000, of course. They receive roughly $13.30 per hour, according to this article.]

2 thoughts on “London Olympics spends $10,000 on each security guard’s uniform

  1. There is a good article in Harpers mag this month in their index.
    The article dealt with the estimates of what London said the Olympics would cost when they originally bid for it in 2003 ($3.7B) what they estimate now ($14.6B) and what an independent study thought it would actually cost ($37B).
    Didn’t the Montreal Olympics cost almost 8X what they thought it would way back in 1976?

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