Finally a decent bottle of wine at Costco

If you need to wash down a hot dog from the food court at Costco, here were a couple of different wines available this evening in Waltham. The 2010 Chateau Haut Brion was offered at $1342 per bottle to enjoy in 2020, but the 2010 Chateau Margaux is ready to drink right now for just $1188 per bottle.

(I’m not sure if the Boston economy is booming or if we are simply experiencing inflation. The local Bank of America ATMs have begun dispensing $100 bills, e.g., three $100s and five $20s for a withdrawal of $400. The clerk at Costco said that the Chateau Haut Brion had been selling well and obviously the store thinks that the six remaining bottles of Chateau Margaux will find local homes.)

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