Value of each Verizon wireless subscriber

Verizon is trying to buy 45 percent of Verizon Wireless from Vodafone (Reuters) for $130 billion. This values the wireless portion of Verizon at about $288 billion. There are approximately 100 million Verizon Wireless subscribers. Therefore, each one of us is worth nearly $3000 in expected future profits (discounted to present value).

Should Verizon just give us the option of mailing them a check for $3000 and then they would charge us a more reasonable monthly rate? (And yes I do recognize that some of the $288 billion in enterprise value could reflect the possibility that VZ will sign up new subscribers going forward, which makes us existing subscribers worth a bit less.)

[Separately, I’m ready for a Galaxy Note III. I want to be able to read Kindle books on my phone. Who else is excited about the Note III?]

4 thoughts on “Value of each Verizon wireless subscriber

  1. Regarding the Note III, I have difficulty getting excited about any electronic device without a keyboard for core PDA functionality (and texting). Blackberry seems to be going end of life, and there is no successor announced to the Droid 4. Is the only choice some sort of external keyboard like this:
    Not having seen something like this in the wild; would the ensemble still fit comfortably in a pocket?

  2. The next 4 years are going to see the 1st trillion dollar corporate acquisition & the 1st private individual worth $1 trillion.

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