Kids on Computers Update


Back in 2013, I wrote a post with an end-of-year charity idea of donating to Kids on Computers (the Gittes Family Lab is now up in running in Oaxaca as a result of my own donation (at least one person follows the advice in my blog!)). The most important thing that happened as a result of that posting was that a reader, Javier Henderson, stepped up to contribute his decades of network engineering experience as well as considerable organizational talents.

This posting is to remind readers that Kids on Computers is a useful resource when you’re trying to find a use for an unneeded laptop (e.g., if Windows 8 has inspired you to buy a MacBook). Also that the group is heading to Morocco in October and you might want to take your computer (and Arabic language?) skills there with them.

One thought on “Kids on Computers Update

  1. Philip: thank you for your donation. Seeing the kids’ excitement over getting the lab set up was certainly one of the highlights of the trip.

    The trip was a great experience, and all volunteers are always appreciated. I hope other readers also feel encouraged to join us on future trips.

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