Ellen Pao’s new job?

According to the New York Times, Ellen Pao is one of the most qualified workers in the United States. She is also nearly ubiquitous in the media. And the U.S. labor market is supposedly tight, especially for high-skill workers. Ms. Pao’s last full-time job was in July 2015. Why haven’t we heard about Ms. Pao being snapped up by another venture capital firm or being hired to exercise her unique skills on behalf of another enterprise?

[Ms. Pao was a “luncheon keynote” speaker on December 10 here in Boston at the Massachusetts Conference for Women. She was part of “A Conversation on Workplaces that Work” and characterized as “entrepreneur, investor and writer”.]

Readers: What happened to Reddit after Ms. Pao’s departure? Has the company done better or worse under the new management? Is the site better or worse from a user’s perspective? (I’m assuming that the collapse of Internet advertising and the rise of Facebook imposes a generally negative trend on sites such as Reddit, independent of who is CEO.)


3 thoughts on “Ellen Pao’s new job?

  1. I hear that she and Buddy are opening a hedge fund but for some reason are having trouble finding investors. They have denounced everyone they asked to invest as racist and sexist and are planning on suing them for not investing. I also hear she slipped on a banana peel in the produce department of the supermarket and has a slip and fall case going. Also she injured her back carrying a heavy briefcase to court and has opened a worker’s comp case.

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