Sex worker with more fiscal prudence than the best American politicians

Here’s an excerpt from an article by a sex worker:

I arrived in New York City from Chelyabinsk, a city right in the middle of Russia, when I was 19 years old, with $300 in my pocket. I turned 24 in March and have managed to save $200,000…

If she continues to save at this rate ($40,000 per year), she’ll have put away $1.44 million in today’s dollars by the time she is 55 years old (a standard retirement age for a government worker). If we assume that her funds are invested in securities that are actually available in the market (the current yield on TIPS is 1.06 percent real; source), she’ll still have adequate retirement funds (though likely nowhere near as large a cashflow as a retired police officer or firefighter who uses the overtime system thoughtfully).

If only we could get our politicians to exhibit this much fiscal prudence! (good first step: laws prohibiting politicians from giving public employees defined benefit pensions, unless they first get a letter from God telling them (a) how long all of their workers will live, and (b) what actual market returns will be for the next 50 years).

This is why I can’t be enthusiastic about someone like Michael Bloomberg as a presidential candidate. He kept ladling out the pension promises to New York City workers. The city won’t become insolvent as long as the following conditions hold: (1) there is no major innovation in medicine that allows retirees to live longer, (2) Wall Street continues to be the world’s money center, and (3) markets continue to boom. That’s a lot of risk to impose on future residents and taxpayers.


8 thoughts on “Sex worker with more fiscal prudence than the best American politicians

  1. Second article ends with “A lot of girls — especially the high-priced ones like me — ask to know clients’ real names for screening purposes. Once she knows the name, she’ll Google it. If she discovers a millionaire, she might poke some holes in the condom so she can retire and have a baby and relax with lots of money. So really rich guys should bring their own condoms.”

  2. Also from second article: “But for blow jobs, I would do it without — what’s called in the business a bbbj, or Bare Back Blow Job. Guys liked it better than covered blow jobs, but that’s not why I did it. At first, I did it covered, but then my mouth tasted like condom all day. Yech!”

    If guy is rich, spit into turkey baster!

  3. This is one “success” story out of 100’s horrifying failed stories.

    Natural evolution has done its job, otherwise, if the world’s oldest profession is so fruitful, society would not be what it is today.

  4. Natural evolution has done its job, George?

    Natural evolution gave us the pussy, not the Internet. Internet+pussy >> pussy alone.

    Sex worker in 1966: customer base = people near street corner where standing; profits from having out-of-wedlock child = 0.

    Sex worker in 2016: potential customer base = all Internet users; profits from having out-of-wedlock child = huge (use Internet to assess potential of each client).

  5. “(1) there is no major innovation in medicine that allows retirees to live longer,”

    The thing to fear is some millennial bio-geneticist stumbling onto their parents copy of “Kalki” and people over 50 ceasing to exist. Pension promises all gone!

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