Test for deplorables at your next barbecue

I found an easy test for deplorables in the frozen aisle at Whole Paycheck:


If a guest complains about the taste or texture of the hempburger, you know that he or she is stupid, sexist, and racist (in that order)!

One thought on “Test for deplorables at your next barbecue

  1. “While the nineteenth-century bourgeoisie saw full figures not as embarrassments to be eradicated, but as comforting signs of their prosperity, their spiritual descendants are obsessed with eating the right kinds of food. In the last fifteen years, organic food has gone from fringe phenomenon to absolute necessity.

    Consider the gluten-free movement — those who choose to eliminate gluten from their diet, not those who have celiac disease and must eschew wheat entirely. A few years ago, I joked that finding a gluten-free resident in my rural Nebraska hometown would have been akin to finding the collected works of Peter Kropotkin in the local library. Now “gluten- free” food appears on nearly every local supermarket shelf.”

    80% of this article should rub you the right way:

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