19 thoughts on “The inner life of a cougar

  1. Catherine the Great was an usurper who secured the reins to the Russian Empire by disposing of her unpopular husband then ruled for 34 years. There is no similarity between her and some newly unemployed Fake News contributor who fantasizes about landing a young stud horse for sexual pleasures.

  2. Women in that situation are synonymous with massive health problems. The dude is a pro, conveys higher value & disinterest, but definitely is giving up a lot to get inside her. It’s just disappointing that women aren’t socialized to learn about pickup artists, but still have to rediscover reality the natural way, out of christian virtue.

  3. Andrew: Thanks for the LinkedIn reference. Following it I learned that Ms. Lascher promoted the NYT story on her LinkedIn feed and the comments are kind of interesting, e.g., Mark Howl says “I can’t wait for the next one!” (members of Catherine the Great’s court probably said this too…)

    Ms. Lascher says, about herself, “Demonstrated ability to build trust-based, collaborative relationships and coach individuals to success with a supportive, holistic, personalized approach.”

  4. That was the most painful read I have done in a long time. Age is not the reason she doesn’t have a future with him. That reason is her…

  5. Before cougaring she worked on Wall Street where people are smart about money. Why didn’t she get pregnant with her boss’s baby and stop worrying about a job or money for 18 years? Doesn’t every cougar need her cub?

  6. this was depicted endearingly in a movie with Meryl Streep & Uma Thurman
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prime_(film): Rafi is a recently divorced, 37-year-old career woman from Manhattan who becomes romantically involved with David, a talented 23-year-old Jewish painter from the Upper West Side.

    In what world does a 23 yo guy stay long-term with a 37 yo female (even Ashton Kutcher has left Demi Moore)?

  7. That’s going to do great things for her marriage prospects. What guy wants to wife up an aging slut who can’t hold a job, lives with her mom, and inappropriately blasts her sex life to the world?

    She knows we google our dates as soon as we get their name, right?

  8. Brian: I don’t dislike her! In fact, I give her credit for giving future historians a window into how Americans related to each other circa 2017. We know that the traditional two-heterosexual-biological-parents-plus-kids family structure is no longer the normal place to find a 37-year-old in the U.S. But it isn’t obvious what has replaced that structure, so this kind of document is helpful.

    [Also, given the way that the government sets up involuntary transfers from the (working and taxpaying) childless (her) to those with children (me), I may well be in her debt.]

  9. This broad obviously never had anything approaching a serious career and totally blew her only valuable asset: her youthful sex appeal. She will be consumed by her cats.

  10. I am also confused why anyone is very irritated at this woman. I thought it was an ordinary-sounding story about ordinary-sounding people.

    I’m only 30, maybe I am too young to have known the culture where it was scandalous for a 37-year-old and 23-year-old to hook up?

    @philg: It makes it sound like you dislike her to quote a random line from her LinkedIn, since you frequently do that as a kind of low-key way of implying that the thing you quoted is obviously ridiculous. (I’m sure we share the same priors about whether being an innovative executive who specializes in empathy is a bullshit job, but I think that writing an introspective story about her relationship is to her credit more than not.)

  11. I don’t know that anyone is particularly irritated at her, per se. The big mystery is why a total loser like her is taking up space in the NYT.

  12. I wouldn’t touch her with an 11-foot pole; that’s the pole I use when the 10-foot pole isn’t long enough.

  13. Kind of a pointless story. Ships passing in the night, afterwards not much changed. Is this the female version of ‘failure to launch’?

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