8 thoughts on “Olympics meme

  1. According to my Korean insider, the average South Korean is more scared of the Trumpenfuhrer than their northern cousins.

  2. Whenever North Korea finally gets to host the olympics we can be certain they will put on the best opening ceremony ever.

  3. Considering how many condoms are being distributed in the Olympic Village, I’m sure the athletes can take their minds off of things.

  4. @Brian G:

    If you are referring to me, I was not bashing the United States, rather I was commenting on “Trump Derangement Syndrome”.

    When people judge Trump, it is often with the NY Times as a baseline for what is proper, and one would get the impression that Trump is worse than Xi. In reality, only one of these is running a regime where most whistle-blowers get put in prison.

  5. Isn’t the North Korea issue simply bigotry against democrats and non-white people? That country is *Democratic* People’s Republic of Korea, and deplorable people seem to dislike Mr. Kim because he is non-white?

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