Who has seen the Black Panther movie?

My virtue-signalling Facebook friends (i.e., my Facebook friends) are posting pictures of themselves preparing to see Black Panther. What’s unusual about these photos is that they feature both the white social justice warrior and a person of color (unlike any other photos that they’ve posted for the preceding year or two!). Thus this is a photographic version of “some of my best friends are black”: “some of my best friends are black and we like to go see black-themed movies together”. (Not to be confused with my own standard virtuous statement: “Some of my best friends are extremely rich black people.”)

Here’s a post from a virtuous friend:

Taking the kids to see Black Panther this morning… so we gave [Marlee] (our 6yo) a 10 min primer on pre-revolutionary slavery, emancipation, the civil war, the civil rights movement, and the launch of the BP comic.

From a private Facebook message exchange:

Did you see [our mutual SJW friend] doubling up on black achievements? Celebrating black panther. Two things every good liberal must do: (1) go see Hamilton and post 3 times about how amazing it was; (2) then do the same for Black Panther (the movie).

Since I refuse to spend more than $15 to see Hamilton I need to wait for the movie version (or a high school version?) and I haven’t seen Black Panther yet so perhaps readers can help with reviews of both!

Also, what do folks who were members of the Black Panther Party back in the 1960s and 1970s say about this movie and all of the white think-gooders (they can’t be do-gooders because they never do anything other than post on Facebook!) going to see it?

[One interesting data point is that there is a substantial discrepancy in critic score versus audience score for this movie on Rotten Tomatoes. The identified-by-name virtue-signalling critics give the movie 97 percent while the anonymous audience, without the opportunity to signal virtue, rates the movie at 77 percent.]

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  1. I don’t watch movies in theaters, but I am familiar with the character and his background, which has absolutely nothing to do with slavery, the war between the states, or the civil rights movement. The fictional country of Wakanda is located on the opposite side of the continent from the places that sold slaves to Europeans.

    I wonder if your virtuous friend also goes around apologizing to Turks for the nukes dropped on Japan…

  2. Thankfully at least one of the readers of this blog considers all superhero movies idiotic — who is intellectually underdeveloped enough to tolerate the OTT bullshit? I would despair if a child expressed enjoyment for such claptrap. In addition, superhero movies immediately destroy any ‘woke watever’ credential, as they promote patriarchy and inequality among people.

  3. Ivan, Federico: I think you’re inadvertently highlighting the genius of the folks behind Black Panther. Not only did they get my social justice warrior friends to pose with a black person (after years of photos showing an all-white/Asian friend database), but they got cash from people who wouldn’t pay money to see a movie about a white or Asian superhero. And by making the movie about social justice they got think-gooder parents to pay cash so that their 6-year-olds could be exposed to a PG-13 movie (then next month they will turn out to complain about violence in movies and video games!).

  4. Phil, only an idiot could see a superhero move as a movie about social justice. I presume the theme of the movie would be the same trite good guy overcomes bad guy bringing freedom and happiness to the masses, but this trope is completely antithetical to ‘social justice’, which would need a general uprising from the downtrodden fighting together (irrespective of their sex, race or whatever), rather than a leading hero figure which fits the mould of patriarchy.

    The fact that ‘social justice’ people do not get that shows how intellectually shallow they are.

  5. “The identified-by-name virtue-signalling critics give the movie 97 percent ”

    What are the name of the missing 3%? Who are these wreckers? These racists must be outed and doxxed immediately. Why do they still have jobs?

  6. “Racists would never try to game Rotten Tomatoes, would they?”

    Surely, if 100% of the public does not favor this great landmark of cinematic history it can only be due to racists manipulating the scores. Perhaps Russian trolls are also driving down the scores?

  7. The movie has nothing to do with social justice except in the who-whom sense. Wakanda is a deeply racist nation where all the people are of the same race and no immigration is permitted and which refuses to share its technology and resources with other countries. And it’s ruled by an unelected dictator. But because that nation is black instead of white, what is otherwise horribly evil suddenly becomes good. Wakanda sounds a lot like North Korea if you think about it.

    Meanwhile Disney and Marvel are laughing all the way to the bank – blacks and SJWs get “empowered” but they get “emcashed”.

  8. I think the last time I watched a Jew-produced movie about blacks was back in the 1970s when Roots debuted on TV when I was a kid. Don’t plan to ever watch the current Afrocentric sci-fi fantasy or any other black-themed propaganda pieces designed to make blacks feel better about themselves while enabling leftist SJW to feel even more self-righteous in their self-sacrificing altruistic treason against their own best interests to collect brownie-points by sucking up to and brown-nosing blacks at the expense of White gentile cuture and identity.

  9. The following people are listed as the producers of Roots:

    Ann Kindberg
    George Parra
    Will Packer (executive)
    Marc Toberoff (executive)
    Mark Wolper (executive)
    LeVar Burton (co-executive)
    Korin Huggins (co-executive)
    Alissa M. Kantrow (line)
    Dirk Hoogstra (production executive)
    Michael Stiller (development executive)

    I frankly don’t understand all the gradations of “producer” in Hollywood but I would say that to call Roots “Jew-produced” is a bit of an overstatement and I am not sure really all that relevant. I am guessing that if all the Jews disappeared from Hollywood the movies might not be as good but in terms of their political line they would still not follow the national socialist/white power line that Iron John would probably prefer. I don’t know what Disney (the producer of Black Panther) is like nowadays but at least back in Walt’s day it was not exactly a haven for Jews.

  10. (((Kindberg))), (((Toberoff))), (((Wolper))), (((Kantrow))), (((Stiller))) – Oy Vey! Jews make up only 2% of the [population, but half of the producers of Roots are Jews.

    That’s some kind of chutzpah to claim that Roots wasn’t a Jew-produced mini-series!

  11. Re: Disney Studios, it has been a Jew-run company since (((Michael Esner))) took over back in 1984 and continues to be under (((Bob Iger))). Walt would be spinning in his grave if he knew.

  12. Iron John,

    Let’s assume, arguendo, that Jews are indeed evil doers in Hollywood, Disney Studios, mass media, gas stations, and park trails.

    If gentiles are indeed duped into SJW, communism, marxism, etc by evil Jews, what does it tell us about gentiles ? An inescapable conclusion would that gentiles are so stupid as to deserve being brainwashed and acting to their own detriment, and perhaps it’s time to leave the arena of history to worthier/smarter actors. If 50% of the population voted for Hillary, then generously subtracting 2% Jews one still would arrive at 48%. Think about it if you can …

    The same logic naturally applies to the claim that Jews were responsible for the Bolshevik coup in the 1917 Russia.

  13. That’s a very Jewish attitude, Ivan. It’s no secret that Jews have harbored animosity against gentiles of European ethnic origin since well before the days of Antiochus Epiphanes and Pompey the Great, as noted by Strabo, Tacitus, Diodorus Siculus, and others. It also exemplifies the Jews’ hypocrisy in their desire to bring those of pure European ancestry to extinction, all the while pretending to champion the rights and interests of the various non-European goyim who the Jews hope to use to obliterate their arch nemesis over the ancient grudges that were so instrumental in developing the Jewish identity of victimhood that makes their culture what it is today, and what it has been these past 2000 years.

  14. Iron John,

    “Think about it if you can …”

    Well, as they say in Hebrew “На нет и суда нет”.

    Parenthetically, you are completely oblivious that you playing the victim card yourself.

  15. In the case of gentiles such as myself, with regard to the Jews’, we are like the body that has been infected by a foreign microbe that simultaneously feeds on and destroys us. Both the body and the microbe infecting it assert their right to exist and to continue in their course seeking to defeat the other, but the body has the better claim for its continued existence, as it does not depend on the microbe infecting it to exist, and would be better off without it.

  16. The hero of Black Panther doesn’t believe in race, is isolationist, nationalist, anti-immigration, pro border wall, pro trade restrictions, traditionalist. The villain is all “black lives matter” rah rah kill kill rah rah. Then the white dude / hero’s friend has a Top Gun moment.

    tl;dr: the hero of Black Panther is basically Black Trump.

  17. I really liked this movie! People are taking the film way too seriously…some of the commenters here seem kind of insane…it’s just a fun Marvel movie with some beautifully choreographed fight scenes and interesting if ahistorical African imagery. Kids will love it!

    On a tangential and somewhat rambly note…What I do think is interesting in the conversations around this film is the general assumption that a critical goal of media/literature should be to allow a viewer to “identify” with the characters in that media.

    How many times have you heard people say “I want to watch a film/read a book/play a video game where the main character is a trans woman /
    a disabled man of color/ a Muslim homosexual so that I [a member of one of those groups] feel represented”? The assumption seems to be that an important goal of literature/movies/whatever is to provide a similar enough
    avatar to the consumer of that media that the consumer can relate to whatever is going on. I’m not an English major, and my memory of high school literature classes is shaky, but this notion seems antithetical to the point of good literature! To quote David Foster Wallace “a big part of serious fiction’s purpose is to give the reader, who is marooned in her own skull, imaginative access to other selves”. In other words, a good work of art should make the reader empathize with other humans who are explicitly *not* just avatars for the consumer. I guess I just find frustrating this apparently commonly accepted notion that the ability of an audience to “identify” with a main character is a really valuable gauge of whether that media is worthwhile.

  18. Black Panther is not a “work of art” so much as it is a work of propaganda, one that feeds the false delusions of equality in the imaginations of its black target audience while at the same time seeking to glorify the negro as a role-model and sex-symbol to young whites who have been robbed of their sense of ethic identity and have no knowledge of their ancestral culture and heritage.

    Black Panther, like all “superhero” genre stories is not high art, but rather part of that low-brow literary niche of pulp fiction known as comics or “graphic novels” that is so quintessentially a product of the lucrative albeit low-hanging fruit of the Jewish imagination.


  19. This train wreck of a comments thread reminds me of the Philosophy professor at Cornell who tried to get Richard Feynman to join an anti-semitic club (from “Surely you must be joking, Mr. Feynman):

    “Then another guy came into my office. He wanted to talk to me about philosophy, and I can’t really quite remember what he said, but he wanted me to join some kind of a club of professors. The club was some sort of and-Semitic club that thought the Nazis weren’t so bad. He tried to explain to me how there were too many Jews doing this and that—some crazy thing. So I waited until he got all finished, and said to him, “You know, you made a big mistake: I was brought up in a Jewish family.” He went out, and that was the beginning of my loss of respect for some of the professors in the humanities, and other areas, at Cornell University.”

  20. Iron John obviously doesn’t like Jews, which is a common sentiment. On the other hand, I’m not sure that the rest of the commenters have pointed out the main flaw in hating Jews because of what some Hollywood producers have done.

    Consider that the average Jew in the U.S. does not get to shower with a different attractive 25-year-old every night. The average Jew in the U.S. does not get consulted by Big Media when it is time to run a story or endorse a political candidate.

    Iron John has identified some sanctimonious Hollywood Jews as noxious. To anyone who doesn’t already love Hillary, is there a convincing argument for how the publicly righteous Hillary-supporting Hollywood producers have made the U.S. a better place to live? I would say “no.” However, what does this have to do with “Jews” as a class?

    Suppose that a 25-year-old Jew who is not attractive enough to be “shower-worthy” shows up in Hollywood looking for a job. He says that he voted for Donald Trump because he thinks that low-skill immigration was depressing wages for poor Americans, who already have it tough enough. He adds that he would like to see tax cuts so that productive people have a greater incentive to work. And he wants free housing, free health care, free food, and free smarthphones eliminated so that the 50 million Americans currently only welfare have an incentive to work harder. Will he be hired? http://www.latimes.com/business/hollywood/la-fi-ct-conservatives-hollywood-20170311-story.html says no. Thus, Hollywood is apparently not some sort of Jew club where being born into Judaism or converting will guarantee a place at the conference table.

    So… when someone says that they hate Jews because of Michael Eisner (actually, considering how much he looted from Disney shareholders, this is not an unreasonable point of view!), I think the best response is “Great, but what does that have to do with politically conservative gun-owning Jews who live in Houston or Kansas City?”

    Median household income among Jews is less than $100,000 per year (see http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/10/11/how-income-varies-among-u-s-religious-groups/ ). Given that it takes perhaps $10 million per year in income to have any political or commercial influence on the U.S. as a whole, I would ask how is it possible that Jews as a group are running the U.S.?

    There are some wicked rich and/or powerful Indian-Americans. Can we infer from that something about all Indian-Americans? Or all Hindus? If not, why do we draw a line straight from a few Hollywood Clinton boosters to all Jews?

    [the other Donald: Why not moderate out someone who says “I hate Jews”? If someone says “I hate Joe Cohen in Comment #27 because he is practicing Jewcraft,” okay. That’s an attack on someone personally. But covering up generalized Jew-hatred just forces people to be dishonest, e.g., saying that they love Jews but hate Israel (just happened to pick Israel out of all of the countries on the planet to hate!). So I give Iron John credit for owning his Jew-hatred, though I personally disagree with him (and I hope not just because I am Jewish!). And I’d rather see discussion and perhaps someone managing to convince Iron John that you can hate the Hollywood douchebags and not hate Jews in general. I think big problems with U.S. society recently have been (a) pretending that people who hold contrary points of view don’t exist, and (b) saying that if anyone actually DOES hold a contrary point of view, that person is evil/illegitimate.]

  21. Hollywood is Jewish and its Jews are nepotistic, preferring their own over everyone else (just as Jews in every other profession are). Jews are indulged and allowed to engage in this sort of discriminatory hiring practice, despite the fact that Jews as a group have sought to prevent white gentiles from engaging in the same behavior by lobbying for and legislating into law civil rights bills and affirmative action requirements that place white gentiles at a disadvantage in our own countries, just as Jews as a group tend to overwhelmingly support degeneracy by encouraging gentiles to engage in homosexuality, miscegenation, coprophilia, drug-use, and other depravities that escalate the destruction of our society and civilization.


  22. (How pervasive is Jew-hatred among the American righteous? The other day at Harvard, a gal who immigrated from Burma as a child was complaining that the U.S. lacked moral legitimacy in criticizing the Burmese government for being unwelcoming to Muslims. What was our moral failing? Could she have been offended by our traitorous rebellion against the legitimate British government? Was it stealing an entire continent from the Indians? Running slavery for centuries? Trashing Vietnam and killing Vietnamese people for no apparent reason? Deporting roughly 2.5 million people during the Obama Administration alone (way more than the number of Muslims allegedly driven out of Burma/Myanmar). None of the above! The most evil thing that European-Americans had done in 400 years was… supporting Israel. Her exterior is a lot more polished than Iron John’s, but I don’t think that her mental interior is functionally different. So if you drive the Iron John’s of the U.S. underground, you make carefully phrased Jew-hatred more acceptable, I think. Just as middle-class Germans who hadn’t wanted to be “Jew-haters” (the traditional term, literally translated from German) were happier to sign on to the scientific “Anti-Semitism”.)

  23. The Jews’ biggest supporters are Evangelical Fundamentalists who have been conditioned to believe in the Jews’ alleged status as “God’s chosen people” by the very people who invented Christianity as a cult for gentiles to follow for that very purpose. How many billions of dollars are these gullible suckers conned into contributing to charities like the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews – funded by Christians to subsidize the Jewish occupation of Palestine.

  24. I don’t think that Iron John hates the Jews because there are so many in the Hollywood. He explicitly states that the issue dates back to the Roman Empire. Also, I have a feeling that your discussion with the Burmese immigrant was not extensive. It’s quite possible that, if asked, she would agree that stealing the continent from its indigenous populations, maintaining slave labor camps (aka plantations) and so forth are at least as bad as supporting Israel’s occupation of the West Bank.

    Also, regarding the assertion “the main flaw in hating Jews because of what some Hollywood producers have done” – nothing is accomplished by saying that Trump voters who want to work in Hollywood have to keep their politics to themselves. Clearly that would have to apply to everyone in Holly wood, not just Jews. There used to be a time when kids taught that bigotry of this kind is not a good idea because there you can’t assume that every member of a racial or religious is the same as every other. Kids would be told not to hate every person of a group if they have a bad experience with one member of that group. Alas, Iron John is past the age when such ideas might influence him.

  25. I am afraid there cannot be a rational dialogue with John who is convinced that hundreds of millions of gentiles are “the new children” that can easily be led astray by much less numerous evil Jews: one Jew can brainwash at least 25 gentiles in this country according to him.

    The nature of his beliefs is deeply religious and identical to that of progressives/wannabe commies for whom, for example, “gender is a social construct”, “race is a social construct”, men and women can compete in wrestling competitions (but they’d better be transgender to win), open borders are unconditional good, and so on and so forth.

    One simply cannot apply logic to religion, no matter what sort of religion one deals with, and the majority of people appear to be in need of some sort of religion, be it Christianity, or Judaism, or Progressivism or whatever John believes. That’s the sad reality.

  26. Maybe Iron John wants movies about his pagan Roman heros he listed. Maybe they have a whole country cloaked in secret like Wakanda, but for Italians.

  27. One Jew, as a producer of mainstream media propaganda, can brainwash not just 25 gentiles, but millions (q.v. Black Panther, or any of a number of Jew-produced propaganda pieces such as Imitation of Life, Pinky, To Kill A Mockingbird, One Potato Two Potato, The Intruder, A Patch of Blue, To Sir With Love, In The Heat of the Night, Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, or even comedy pieces such as Blazing Saddles, The Silver Streak, The Blues Brothers, or Harold and Kumar. The underlying subliminal themes of such films is obviously to condition the audience to not only empathize with blacks, but to admire them in contrast to seeing whites as problematic, often despicable beings, fraught with character flaws.

  28. Iron John, does the fact Phil is giving you a platform make you stop and reassess your beliefs in the light of some more data? in case it is not clear, the data is that there is at least one Jewish man (Phil) who believes that trying to silence viewpoints that he disagrees with is not beneficial for an open, honest, and frank discussion. If Phil, as a Jewish man, were hell bent on destroying the gentiles he would not let you use his blog your woke homilies.

  29. Certainly Mark Zuckerberg does not share Phil’s casual indifference in regard to the subject of Jews using their dominance of Hollywood, television, advertising, publishing, academia and social media to condition white gentiles to engage in self-jeopardizing altruistic behavior at the expense of their race in order to virtue signal their willingness to engage in public displays of ostensible “social justice”.

  30. Iron John, Phil is giving you access to the largest audience he can give you access to, without censoring you. You make the accusation that Jews are hell bent on destroying the gentiles. Every big plan still needs its small pieces to work, and thus every little helps. Hence, according to the logic of your accusations, Phil, as a Jewish man, should shut you down rather than take even the most minuscule chance of you converting someone to your viewpoint. Maybe the fact that Phil is not shutting you down is worth reflecting on?

  31. One of the white race’s biggest grievances against the Jews (aside from their undermining white sovereignty, promoting degeneracy, subterfuge, and general exploitation and manipulation of their hosts) is the fact that when Jews engage in morally reprehensible behavior they try to evade being called to account for it by claiming that it was white people who did the deeds…

    [Moderator: Removed multiple pages following due to not being related to original topic “Who has seen the Black Panther movie?”]

  32. Folks: I think that we should try to leave space for comments from readers who have actually seen this film! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1825683/?ref_=ttfc_fc_tt doesn’t suggest that this movie is primarily on the topic of Jewish domination of Planet Earth. Nor is there an authoritative source for ferreting out the Jews among the folks listed at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1825683/fullcredits

    I don’t think speculation on whether or not the director/writers Ryan Coogler and Joe Robert Cole are Jewish is interesting to most people outside of their social circles. Why can’t we instead focus on what they’ve achieved as part of their jobs?

  33. Iron John: Please send me a PayPal request for $25 and I will fund your Uber and movie ticket to see the work created by this hated Jew (well, actually it was created by the writers, director, and actors hired by the hated Jew). Then you can come back and post a comment informed by having actually seen the movie!

  34. It had a subtext similar to the sci-fi world of Norstrilia, where the richest people in the universe sold poisoned sheep blood as an elixir of eternal life and to keep themselves from becoming too attached to essentially infinite wealth (and maybe to deal with the guilt of poisoning sheep to make a life elixir), they lived like the North Australian ranchers they were descended from originally.

    Wakandans clearly had a similar vibe of living at a pseudo-low standard not just to hide their technology from the outside world but to preserve some ideas of struggle and hard work and earning/justifying their near-infinite wealth.

  35. Practical: So is that a thumbs-up or thumbs-down? Is it a 97% great movie as the critics say? Justifying hiring a babysitter and rushing off to the theater? Or will it, like the rest of the Marvel movies, be forgotten within a few days of viewing?

  36. I got a babysitter but if you don’t know about norstrilia, it’s an average marvel movie. Like ant man or dark world.

  37. OMG, Cordwainer Smith shows up in comments. When The People Fell and Scanners Live in Vain my favorites, but everything he wrote is good and insightful and 5 standard deviations better than anything else you’ll read this year

  38. To understand Iron John’s behavior, I recommend the first few chapters of The True Believer by Eric Hoffer, which I freely admit is all I read myself.

  39. The choreography in the action scenes looks stiff and less challenging. In line with the game Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) that seem raw in many scenes.

    Similarly, the dialogue and expression of the characters are rigid and looks unnatural. The expression of actors and actresses in this film is no better than soap operas on the screen. Cooglers like less able to explore their potential.

    Even so, Marvel’s efforts to bring black heroes of black need to be thumbs up. Moreover Black Panther is widely accepted by critics. Superhero films and cinema world in general, does not provide much room for blacks or other minorities.

  40. Verdict is in from a group of friends (that organically included some African-Americans!): B- (woman in her 20s fell asleep altogether).

  41. To be honest, I haven’t seen it yet. Since “the virtue signaling is strong with this one” I’ve been waiting to see the Flixster audience score evolve to determine the true reality of the movie. Even though I have MoviePass, I generally refuse to see any movie that has an audience score below 70. The only exception was the recent Star Wars movie (which was so bad I have even blocked the title of the movie out of my mind…Jedi something).

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