The wife fights the plaintiffs, physics edition

A few days ago I wrote “Stellar evolution in the #MeToo era“. With plaintiff predators circling, it seems that the first cougar to get to what is now the carcass is defending her kill. NancyDahl’s Twitter feed:

Let’s have a mainstream story on a real crime – such as how easy it is these days for women to get away with slanderous comments and false allegations manufactured with malicious intent.

There is another whisper network, you call “undercurrent”, that is much more legitimate. It is full of cautions for and amongst men who are the routine targets of delusional feminist aggression and professional victimhood that plagues the skeptic community. Slander is a crime.

We should be skeptical about disreputable sources, lack of evidence, biased reporting, and informed about the psychology of professional victims.

1. Those articles you refer to as “anti-metoo” could also be called “pro-rational”.
2. Since when is a respectful proposition a crime?

I showed this to a friend in the software patent litigation world. His comment: “It is like different classes of shareholders fighting over liquidation preferences when a company goes south. Maybe the wife should be considered the Series A investor?”

[Update: These two won’t be hanging out together on campus in the near-term. “Lawrence Krauss banned from Arizona State University campus following misconduct allegations”, which notes “ASU stated that the university had not received any complaints from ASU students, faculty or staff about Krauss.”]


2 thoughts on “The wife fights the plaintiffs, physics edition

  1. Wait, what? I’m confused again ladies – I thought we were supposed to always believe the victim? I guess there is some list of exceptions going around that I haven’t read?

    As far as I know the only exception currently is:
    – believe the victim unless you are a woman who is running for president and happens to be married to a man known for sexual assaults

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