Is it necessary to purge the wife when dispatching a #MeToo offender?

“Sex Abuse Scandal Casts Shadow Over Nobel Prize for Literature” (nytimes) has a slight twist:

the newspaper Dagens Nyheter reported that 18 women had accused Jean-Claude Arnault, a major cultural figure with close ties to the academy, of sexual assault and harassment. Mr. Arnault is married to the poet Katarina Frostenson, a member of the academy, …

Ms. Frostenson has refused to step down from the academy, despite calls for her to do so. In a recent closed-door vote, eight members voted to keep her on the board and six voted to oust her. (Ms. Frostenson did not vote.)

Presumably the wife did not endorse any sexual activities between her husband and other/younger women. Why then does she have to be purged?

[Separately, if you were looking for a definition of “not woke”:

Worsening the scandal, new evidence has emerged showing that as early as 1996, a textile artist, Anna-Karin Bylund, complained to the academy’s top administrator at the time, Sture Allen, about sexual harassment by Mr. Arnault. Mr. Allen, who remains a member of the academy, has said he did not act on the letter because “the contents of the letter didn’t seem important.”



  • Knut Hamsun, a recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature who later became a supporter of Hitler (apparently this was less problematic than the #MeToo issues!)
  • Ernest Hemingway, a recipient who had “endless mistresses” (Daily Mail)
  • Bob Dylan, a recipient who may have interacted with at least one or two women?

4 thoughts on “Is it necessary to purge the wife when dispatching a #MeToo offender?

  1. You forgot to mention Lars von Trier, who was kicked out of the Cannes festival in 2011 for declaring himself to be a Nazi, not for making abysmal movies, and whom the current festival head is trying to bring back in from the cold, poor darling.

  2. Fazal: His movies do sound tedious (I prefer to watch WALL-E for the 100th time!), but nobody ever came after one of his wives, did they? (and he also has not been awarded a Nobel in Literature?)

    seems to suggest that he was joking about being a Nazi. Looks like there is at least one woman trying to #MeToo him.

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