Captain Tammie is the anti-Sully

On a recent business trip I flipped the CBS Morning show on. Captain Tammie Jo Shults was being interviewed… along with First Officer Darren Ellisor, and flight attendants Rachel Fernheimer, Seanique Mallory, and Kathryn Sandoval. The flight attendants actually were the stars of the show due to their more engaging personalities (ATP stands for “A Tedious Presence”?). Captain Tammie and Southwest are apparently doing a great job in educating the media and the public regarding the crew concept.


8 thoughts on “Captain Tammie is the anti-Sully

  1. One thing that struck me was how much the crew talked about their (Christian) religious faith. Perhaps this is more pronounced because of SW’s southern roots. I wonder whether Phil came across a lot of this in his airline pilot days and what did he do if/when the crew started talking about their prayer groups and being saved by Jesus, etc.?

  2. Jackie:I flew for a Kentucky-based subsidiary of Delta so there were plenty of Christian believers among the captains. It was regional jets, though, so mostly they were too busy to proselytize (no 6-hour cruise flights to California!). One funny story was about a good-hearted Southern flight attendant who was a regular user of the expression “Jew down” for “negotiate down”, e.g., for an apartment rental rate. Having no ill-will toward Jews and having some Jewish friends within the company, she was mortified when it was pointed out to her that this was considered pejorative by some.

    (This was 2008, so it was gently pointed out to her, not pointed out with righteous outrage and a Twitter/Facebook storm!)

  3. Philip, if you’re willing to share, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts, which are always thought-provoking, about the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations. How would the GDPR have affected you as an entrepreneur starting a pioneering social network?

  4. philg
    Two wrongs don’t make a right anymore than two lies make a truth.
    It is amazing how we make heroes these days. Neither aircraft accident
    you mentioned really happened and if you look closely at the available
    facts it is easy to see that. I wonder when people are going to wake up
    and see the light.

  5. That’s a spectacular claim John.

    I hope you can answer this question: How did “they” convince the dental hygienist that I’ve been seeing for 20 years to tell me a story about being on that flight? They also convinced her son-in-law to claim to be the one who tried to help the poor woman that died.


  6. MIke: Perhaps you’ve proved only that “they” got to your dental hygienist at least 20 years ago and that this was planned for more than two decades?

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