Best Thai cave rescue graphics?

The Thai cave rescue operation is one of the more complicated three-dimensional events that has dominated the world news. I’m wondering if readers have found interesting graphics that explain to laypeople the stratigraphy, the techniques being used to extract the boys, etc.

Here’s what I’ve found…

Readers: What have you found that is better/interesting?

Separately, when this is over will we Americans tighten up our (currently rather generous) standards for “hero”, “courage”, and “brave”? The rescuers are volunteering for a dive that requires multiple tanks of oxygen and swimming for miles underground. They’re doing this knowing that one expert diver, a former Thai Navy SEAL, has already died.

[Example of how Americans use “courage”? See “West Hollywood to Honor Stormy Daniels as ‘Profile in Courage’”:

Adult-film actress Stormy Daniels, who has earned international headlines for her legal battle with President Donald Trump over an alleged affair she claims the pair had a decade ago, will receive a key to the city Wednesday in West Hollywood. … “In these politically tumultuous times, Daniels has proven herself to be a profile in courage by speaking truth to power even under threats to her safety and extreme intimidation,” according to a statement from the city.

see also Salon, “Stormy Daniels is a feminist hero, and “Cassandra Smolcic, a graphic designer who worked at Pixar Animation Studios for five years, has become the first woman to go on the record about disgraced former chief creative officer John Lasseter, with her full name attached. In a brave 12,500-word essay…” (in other words, the author bravely denounced a man who had already been “disgraced” and fired; see “Pixar and being lectured by our Bay Area superiors“).]


15 thoughts on “Best Thai cave rescue graphics?

  1. I can’t point you to better graphics, all I can do is whine that the so-called experts that are interviewed constantly are idiots and show us all how we are idiots to watch the news.

    I would have liked to have seen some actual geologists talk about what’s going on with the cave itself, and why there are intense currents in what seems to be isolated pools, and then would have appreciated some divers, seabees, seals, engineers, doctors talk about why drilling wasn’t an option, why tunneling and expanding the narrow areas was a no go and all sorts of things. Why it was so hard to get a “landline” in there. If the full face masks the kids have have any sort of radio communication. What does a body go through on a 9 day starvation diet and how long will a complete recovery take.

    Thankfully, all that seems to be heading into the direction of moot. Hopefully it will continue so.

  2. You missed the bravest of the brave, The Resistance, who courageously work to undermine the Trumpenfuhrer and thus risk deportation to Birkenau. And what about those wannabe actresses you have never heard of bravely pointing the finger at old Harve — at great risk to their careers?

  3. And don’t forget that every man that carries a gun for the government, every man paid by a fire department, and every enlisted is a Hero.

  4. @Jernej — Good point. I hear the term “oxygen tank” all the time when referring to scuba. Breathing oxygen at depth is not a good idea.

    I wondered if they might be using nitrox. But I haven’t kept up with the details of the story.

  5. @zzazz:

    Actually, the US Navy Seals participated in the rescue operations.
    They just shunned publicity, but their presence was not a secret. (And no, I did not mean Elon Musk with his mini-sub.)

  6. Taking Daily Mail with a pinch of salt but some further first hand details from the rescue divers which conflict with what was previously reported i.e. single diver per child + support divers in various intermediate chambers, not a double team. Also, Thai and US rescue personel only responsible for the non diving part of the cave. Which makes sense completely as SEALs etc. have no experience with caves which proved tragic for one of them.

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