All genders are welcome, but the future belongs to only one?

From a recent trip to Provincetown, Massachusetts… The Womencrafts store (established 1976) says “Welcome: all genders” and simultaneously features T-shirts that read “The Future is Female”:

(Also “Families Belong Together” in a state where women are more than 3X more likely than men to go down to the local Family Court and ask the judge to break up a child’s family.)

Separately, the sign says that they welcome “all beliefs”. I wonder how they would react to someone in a MAGA hat who said “I believe that Donald Trump is doing a fine job as president. I believe that homosexuality should be discouraged. I believe that government-funded welfare programs should be eliminated.” I will gladly pay any brave reader willing to make a video of going into that shop wearing a T-shirt with the above slogans! Or even just a “The Future is Male” T-shirt in the same font!

4 thoughts on “All genders are welcome, but the future belongs to only one?

  1. What if you went into the store you mentioned, wearing a MAGA hat, and worked in the phrase, “did you just assume my gender?!?!” into every conversation? Just because I look like a dude doesn’t mean I may not identify as something else…

  2. I believe that homosexuality is a DISEASE just like a compulsion to drink with your nose or eat with your ears is a disease. The human species, when functioning correctly is attracted to the opposite sex. If this was not the case our species would have been extinct a long time ago because ass fucking and cock sucking does not make babies. I believe that we should not have to accept such sexual deviancy as normal or compel social institutions (such as marriage) to accommodate it.

    Having said that I also believe that as individuals we have every right to choose to live with a disease rather than overcome it so long as it is not a contagion. If it is a consensual act between two adults that is 100% their business and none of mine. You absolutely have a right to be a homo. You shouldn’t be thrown off a building, you shouldn’t lose your job and you shouldn’t be harassed over it. However, anyone also has the right to view your acts as totally disgusting and express that disgust. Nobody should be compelled to bake a special cake for your disgusting wedding if they don’t want to. Freedom and tolerance goes both ways.

    The homo mafia want everyone to not only condone their ways, but to accept it as normal, love it and praise it. That is never, ever going to happen because humans are and will continue to be overwhelmingly heterosexual. In fact, their jack booted ways only breeds latent hatred for their attempts to subjugate everyone else’s thoughts, speech and ways, if not for their deviant sexual behavior itself.

  3. > All genders are welcome, but the future belongs to only one?

    Why is it so surprising? and what is wrong with a little affirmative action for other genders? (Last I heard there were 11 of them, but that number may well be obsolete by now.)

    It’s so much easier with the gender: if you dislike what you’ve got just declare that you belong to some other, and you are done… complete with the diversity tax break, thanks to the newly proposed American Sex Diversity Jobs and Relationships Act.

  4. Why go in just wearing the stuff? imagine the yucks selling the stuff to ’em, or asking for custom print work?

    How are these slogans?

    MAGA – Make America Great Again

    TANSTAAFL – There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

    Children Need A Mother AND A Father

    Jesus Christ Is Lord

    My Other Hawg’s At Home Watching the Kids

    Abortion is Murder

    So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. Gen. 1:27


    Just brainstorming here. Does it have to be P-town or will anywhere sufficiently Gay/Progressive work?

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