Elizabeth Holmes can redeem herself this week?

One of my (deplorable) friends sent a private message to a group. He’s a police officer and has doubts about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s polygraph test:

Guys. The lie detector test is basically fake. The kind you can buy to prove you are telling the truth. Read the questions thinking about how the test works based on Baseline questions. There were only two questions and they were designed to give the same physiological response.

Since both questions were equally stressful there was no difference. Supposed to ask them unrelated questions that they answer truthfully.

He does not find the latest accuser, who witnessed or suffered multiple gang rapes at weekly parties that she continued attending:

“Avenatti Client Was in College When She Claims to Have Attended Gang-Rape Parties With High-School Students”

Since when does an adult college student drive 35 miles every week to attend house parties of high school teenagers?

But mostly it is Kavanaugh’s apparently sober and faithful life as a married man that makes him skeptical:

So Kav is a criminal mastermind sexual predator married to the same woman for more than a decade and he almost got away with it except for these three brave women and the porn lawyer.

P*ssy hound to mild mannered married man.

This is where Elizabeth Holmes can come in!

She’s a passionate Democrat. From “Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Is Holding a Hillary Fundraiser With Chelsea Clinton”:

Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of the embattled blood-testing startup Theranos, has struggled with commercial partners, shed board members and a lot of credibility over the last few months. Prize-winning reporting from the Wall Street Journal indicates that her multibillion dollar startup’s highly publicized blood-testing technology isn’t as successful as Theranos has made it seem.

One person Holmes hasn’t lost? Hillary Clinton, apparently.

She’s connected to Washington insiders. Here’s a TIME profile of her by Henry Kissinger:

Elizabeth Holmes’ is a story that could happen only in America [because other countries don’t have a sufficient supply of gullible investors?]. After her sophomore year she left Stanford to devote herself to a vision of health care available as a basic human right. When I was introduced to Elizabeth by George Shultz, her plan sounded like an undergraduate’s dream. I told her she had only two prospects: total failure or vast success. There would be no middle ground.

Elizabeth accepted only one option: making a difference. Striking, somewhat ethereal, iron-willed, she is on the verge of achieving her vision … Striving for prevention and early detection, she is dedicated to transforming health care around the world. She manages an expanding global business by the refusal to be daunted by any obstacle.

Holmes was born in 1984 and founded Theranos in 2004, the same year that the hated Kavanaugh was married. Why not say that in 2006 she met Brett Kavanaugh at Henry Kissinger’s or George Shultz’s house (she can’t remember which one because she was drunk at the time)? He pushed her into a guest bedroom and locked the door behind them. A struggle ensued, but the married 41-year-old prevailed in violating her honor. Other guests couldn’t hear her scream because the ancient Washington insider host had Mantovani cranked up on the “stereo.” She remembers that it was “On My Own” from Les Miserables, arranged for strings, followed by “Moon River.” Ashamed and worried that a scandal would interfere with fundraising for her young company, she told nobody until now.

Readers: Could this turn things around for Ms. Holmes? Perhaps if Hillary is defrosted for 2020 and wins she would then be grateful enough to pardon Holmes for any Federal securities law convictions?

[I remain opposed to Kavanaugh’s confirmation. There was his outrage regarding Bill Clinton and his adventures with interns. Then there was his statement: “I am proud that a majority of my law clerks have been women.” (law.com) This makes me doubt his ability to rule in a gender-neutral manner, as required (in theory) by the 14th Amendment. Of course, I vote in Massachusetts so it doesn’t matter what I think or how I vote, but I would rather see a judge who has declined to comment on the issue of how jobs should be allocated to people based on gender ID.]

6 thoughts on “Elizabeth Holmes can redeem herself this week?

  1. The structure of this post doesn’t make sense. Is the claim that this scenario would somehow change the police officer’s mind regarding Dr. Ford?

  2. Hey, other Donald, philg flies helicopters. He’s into complicated stuff. But the structure of the post is relatively simple. Police officer explains that the accusations are weak. philg doesn’t want to see Kav confirmed. He suggests that Elizabeth Holmes fill the gap given her credibility among the elite. Sounds as reasonable as most stuff today. Vastly more reasonable than family law. Do the comparison for yourself:

  3. Yes, I’m also pretty convinced that Elizabeth Holmes’ encounter with Kavanaugh traumatized her and left her susceptible to other older, even non-white men like Sunny Balwani, who then also took advantage of her and convinced her to lie to her investors, military, FDA, Walgreens, etc until the technology would finally work.

    Because women never lie.

  4. GermanL: But Elizabeth Holmes did not lie!!
    She just protected the fragile truth form the prying eyes of The White Rapist COmpany. As PhilG pointed out above, she was bent on making a difference!

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