Active-suspension beds will be awesome for self-driving motorhomes

An overnight bus company has developed a bump-canceling bed with an active suspension (WIRED). I’m not sure how critical this will be in the long run, e.g., if every vehicle has an active suspension like the one on the latest Audi A8 (but who has actually driven in one?). But maybe it be a key enabling technology for the self-driving RV. From my post from 2015 on the subject:

If Google can make us a self-driving car, why not a self-driving 40′ Class A motorhome? Now the RV becomes like a cruise ship. You spend the day in a National Park, tuck everyone into bed, and then let Google drive you to the next National Park overnight. You wake up to find that Larry and Sergei have selected a campsite for you, extended the awning, and put out the lawn chairs and table for breakfast.

Readers: What do you think? Will this be useful in the long run because a motorhome is too heavy for the Audi A8-style bump-killer to work?

6 thoughts on “Active-suspension beds will be awesome for self-driving motorhomes

  1. This is solving last year’s problem. Why go to the national park (or anywhere else) when virtual reality will bring a more satisfying, personalized, zero crowd experience to you?

  2. jdhzzz, I imagine the parks will be really nice if your VR becomes reality.

    Imagine Yellowstone without the crowds.

    Even with top notch VR, Yosemite will probably still be crowded. I don’t think those climbers will find the rush of VR quite as stimulating as taking a real chance at falling off El Capitan.

    Phil: Seakeeper reduces roll on yachts. Would these work on RV’s? I see a problem with these sorts of devices fighting the outside lean of a vehicle rounding a bend. This will certainly contribute to handling problems. And then to counteract that? How many counteractions will have to be considered?

  3. This is asuming the point of an RV is sightseeing, not enjoying the trip. Undoubtedly there’s quite a few of those idiots around but I happen to have fun driving mine and to reiterate the age old truth, it’s not about destination but the journey. More often than not I end up driving somewhere I haven’t considered even 5min earlier and the destinations change accordingly. And the destination is wherever I just happen to have had enough of driving for the day. Everything about the trip is up for last second decisions.

  4. Don’t bother visiting any autumnal national parks, pretty much the whole of that shit’s on Google Maps these days.

  5. Honesty FTW! I was looking on Google Earth for a stopover between Pisa and Rome, only to find almost every en route experience covered by user-posted video. Wine tasting, olive tree shaking, short hike, you name it.

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