Elizabeth Warren documentary and socialism-in-action-underwater movie in prep for the election

Today we’re celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day here in Massachusetts. Four weeks to go before Election 2018, in which everyone who righteously hates Brett Kavanaugh is being urged to vote. If you’re prepping for this momentous decision by watching more TV, here are a couple of suggestions…

Especially great for kids on Indigenous Peoples’ Day: I found a documentary on Netflix about Elizabeth Warren (the only current Native American senator?) and the impact of immigration on natives. I can’t remember the exact title, but maybe readers will help out in the comments section by providing a link.

If you’re planning to vote socialist: Black Sea. An evil profit-seeking corporation sheds the fat. The discarded workers have also mostly been discarded by their female partners who use Britain’s no-fault-divorce system to take the kids and hook up with wealthier men. With nothing left to lose, twelve guys decide to take on significant risks in pursuit of sunken gold. Jude Law decides on an even-shares compensation scheme and the film shows how the resulting inequality-free underwater society plays out. Streaming on HBO, Amazon, YouTube, et al. Submarine buffs will appreciate that much filming was done within a real Foxtrot class submarine (retail value: $200,000).

Readers: What else to watch before voting? (My personal ballot is mostly candidates running unopposed. What’s the best way to prep for that?)

(Sadly, this $500 per-person cruise to Cuba and Haiti does not leave until December 9. The trip would enable a voter to see if Bernie Sanders is right about socialism yielding a superior median lifestyle compared to whatever it is that we have now (crony capitalism plus a huge welfare industry?). Also to evaluate whether Donald Trump is right about Haiti not being as nice as Norway.)


  • The 1977 William Friedkin movie Sorcerer, about four guys with nothing left to lose and a dangerous high-paying job (the big oil company is more interested in profit than in complying with OSHA regulations)
  • tweet from Donald Trump: “Christopher Columbus’s spirit of determination & adventure has provided inspiration to generations of Americans. On #ColumbusDay, we honor his remarkable accomplishments as a navigator, & celebrate his voyage into the unknown expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.” (Columbus was also remarkable for being stubbornly wrong about the dimensions of the Earth)

8 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren documentary and socialism-in-action-underwater movie in prep for the election

  1. You might want to watch “Chappaquiddick,” which SPOILER ALERT deals with the late Earl of Hyannis, who after exercising his droit du seigneur with one of his lowly subjects sees things go awry because has had too much to drink and drives the both of them off of a bridge. While his lowly subject is drowning he has the foresight to abandon her so can can get wise counsel from the family consigliere. He then transforms into The Lion of the Senate and forever after limits his borking to the Senate chambers. It is a stirring story of reinvention that little Elizabeth Warren growing up in her wigwam could not even dream of.

  2. Haiti is warmer than Norway, Cuba has a nicer weather in December than Massachusetts. This is the proof that the real socialism works.
    People are always warm (no air conditioning), and they don’t worry about material possessions: just walk into any state-owned mall.
    To make your stay more memorable, make sure you only offer to pay in the local currency, not the USD. And don’t forget to send those exotic postcards to Uncle Bernie.

  3. Elizabeth really has no unique claim, according to “A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived” by Adam Rutherford. It seems every single human can claim a common ancestor a few thousand years back, not by evolving from a family tree but by the inevitable diffusion of DNA throughout the species. We are actually all Native Americans, and Chinese, and especially African, since humanity originated there.

  4. Why doesn’t Elizabeth simply take a 23andme or other genetics test? It only costs $80-90 these days. Simple way to settle the dispute.

  5. Oh, the idle rich. Have to bash something. Or is it any port in a storm after putting a rapist on the supreme court? Distract. Distract. Distract. No amount of distraction will ever work. It is like after the Hutus murdered all those Tutsis–no amount of anything will ever take the morality stain away. Rape lovers are exposed, the depravity is as obvious as a tiger’s stripes. So go ahead, bash away. Fat lot of good it will do.

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