Recreational marijuana should be legal and available…

… in some of the other towns within Massachustts.

A bunch of towns that, in 2016, voted in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana statewide (results) have then held town meetings where, by a 2/3rds majority, more or less the same people voted to ban marijuana-related business in their particular town. At a recent town meeting, Lincoln became the latest in the roster of towns that support legalized marijuana (or did as of 2016), but think that other towns in Massachusetts are better-suited to hosting marijuana-related businesses.

Effectively, then, a lot of people voted for expansion of marijuana-related enterprise who won’t be directly affected by the law. Should there be a rule that if a town votes for something statewide it can’t then ban it locally? Or if it wants to reserve the right to ban something locally then it can’t vote on the statewide question?

6 thoughts on “Recreational marijuana should be legal and available…

  1. Maybe people who go to town meetings think differently than the people who just fill in a voting form. Calif* allows buying marijuana, but doesn’t allow smoking it anywhere. To mean anything, they’ll have to legalize smoking in apartments again.

  2. Just think of it like refactoring code, Phil:

    That law doesn’t belong in the server jurisdiction – each client jurisdiction should implement it if it wants it.

    I’m only about 25% joking, this seems like a legitimate improvement in the legal landscape for those that are pro- legal marijuana.

  3. @mclionhead – there are alternative ways to ingest cannabis ( edibles ), not everyone lives in a rented apartment and smoking in apartments is not ‘illegal’, it can be prohibited as part of a lease agreement. Spot on about meeting attendees having different priorities than the average voter.

  4. Once emperor Trump legalizes pot, Amazon will takeover and crush all local pot retailers+dealers. Why would pot smokers, known for being lazy, ever want to leave the house when they can just ask Alexa + Amazon Prime to deliver a box of pot and Doritos within a few hours?

  5. I’m very concerned that large amounts of the population are living in a pot desert where there are no pot stores within 1 mile of their homes!

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