Massachusetts ballot questions

This year we voters in the Land of Righteousness (i.e., Massachusetts) get to decide…

Question 3: whether the government should continue to be able to imprison people for up to 1 year and/or fine them up to $50,000 for failing to keep up with proper thinking regarding transgender bathroom and locker room access. (

Question 1: whether the government should set the maximum number of patients a nurse can take care of (varies by type of facility, e.g., 3 patients/nurse in “step-down” and 1 patient per nurse for ICU; see

Question 2: creates a commission to study ways to work around the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United. Decries the “corporate takeover of the First Amendment”

Can we infer from the above that citizens are more or less happy with everything else that goes on in our state?

Question 3 is the most interesting one. The current law is from 2016 and provides for correct bathroom thinking. Anyone who identifies as a woman can use a women’s locker room, for example. Folks in Massachusetts pride themselves on not being racist, sexist, and stupid, like the Trump supporters in other states. And yet tens of thousands of seemingly righteous Massachusetts voters signed a petition to put a “restore hatred and improper thinking” question on the ballot.

3 thoughts on “Massachusetts ballot questions

  1. The self righteousness of the citizenry of the Commonwealth is nothing new and in fact dates to the founding of the Colony by the Puritans, some of the most unpleasantly self righteousness people ever to walk the planet.

  2. Nice strawman you’ve got there on question 3.

    Your “tens of thousands of seemingly righteous Massachusetts voters” are the extreme minority. So, yeah, out of 7 million people in Massachusetts, 4.5 million of whom are registered to vote, they managed to find the approximately 32000 necessary to put a question on the ballot. Bully for them! Too bad only 1 out of 5 Massachusetts voters agree with them. And guess what? Most of those people are old and dying off, or moving to Florida/Arizona or some other right-wing hellhole where it’s warm and they can discriminate against whoever they want, based on their color or gender identity or whatever. We’ll be rid of them soon enough. I’d be willing to bet that a significant portion of the 2.5 million who are not registered to vote aren’t old enough yet. And those kids don’t see what all the fuss is about. The same way that they don’t care how about the genders of two people getting married. They think it’s none of their business.

    Here’s some nice citations for you:

    “According to Galvin’s office, 3.4 million people voted out of 4.5 million registered voters, representing turnout of 75 percent.”

    “According to a MassINC Polling Group/WBUR poll released Tuesday, 71 percent said they would vote yes on Question 3 to keep the law in place, while 21 percent said they would vote to repeal it and 8 percent said they were undecided.”

    Honestly, if it’s so horrible here in Massachusetts, why do you stay? I’m sure Bethesda would be happy to have you back…

    … Actually, from what I hear, Bethesda is a pretty nice and tolerant place, and really doesn’t have much use for smug whiners who makes specious arguments, either, so maybe not.

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