Barbara Streisand may be moving to Canada after today…

… but not Mexico? 

“Barbra Streisand Can’t Get Trump Out of Her Head. So She Sang About Him.” (nytimes):

How are you feeling these days?

I want to sleep nights, if we take the House I’ll be able to sleep a little bit better.

And if they don’t?

Don’t know. I’ve been thinking about, do I want to move to Canada?

Escaping the tyranny of Republican rule makes sense, but why does Streisand want to go to the Frozen North (TM)? If she likes the LA climate, Mexico offers a variety of upscale neighborhoods with similar sunny warm and dry weather.


  • Worthwhile Canadian Initiative: “Canada is a whiter country than the US. We have a much larger Asian population and a much smaller Black population.”

7 thoughts on “Barbara Streisand may be moving to Canada after today…

  1. So you’re saying that she’s considering Canada because she wants to experience that wonderful Chinese civilization that you were going on about last week.

  2. According to the CIA Factbook, Women have the following life expectancies at birth:

    – Mexico: 79 Years

    – US: 82.2 Years

    – Canada: 84.7 Years

    Assuming that Miss Streisand wants to achieve maximum life expectancy, it would make sense for her to want to immigrate to Canada, and not Mexico.

    • Those numbers are life expectancy at birth and are therefore irrelevant as to where she should move at her current age.

  3. Bob: Is the goal living indefinitely while trapped indoors watching CBC?


    for how a Mexican city was voted #1 by the wealthy discerning readers of Travel and Leisure magazine. Presumably higher risk of skin cancer than in Canada, but one can be comfortable outdoors nearly every day of the year.

    says that Mexico and the U.S. will converge soon in terms of life expectancy. Also, I’m not sure that the aggregate life expectancy numbers for Mexico would apply to a megastar such as Ms. Streisand. If she is not feeling well, she can jump into a Gulfstream and be in Japan, Switzerland, or Singapore (countries at the top of ) in short order.

  4. says that “the title track alludes to Trump’s frequent calls for a wall at the Mexico border.”

    So the Hollywood star is passionate about the question of extending the current and she will demonstrate her passion by putting an additional 1,200 miles between herself and the Mexican border? (distance from LA to Vancouver is 1,277 road miles)

  5. She’s from Brooklyn, NY originally, from what I recall. So at some point she made a decision to move much closer to the border. It’s her disdain for a border wall that would cause her to move away from that wall.

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