11 thoughts on “Farm-to-table cuisine after the dream kitchen renovation

  1. Two dishwashers as well? One clean, one dirty; never empty the clean one, just use the dishes and load the other.

  2. A lot easier with Lucky Goldstars than Subzeros. That’s what our $4 trillion in mortgage backing taxes are being used for.

  3. Overegging the American pudding. It reminds me of the prize ingredient of my Indiana cousin’s refrigerator: artificial chicken fat.

  4. Funny caption for the pic.

    The cabinet hardware is the least expensive thing purchased for the project. Don’t highlight that fact. They should go get some white cabinet pulls.

    Lucky Goldstar… I learned something today.

  5. The condo we have fled to has just one of these. It is surreal to cross a bridge (takes two hours) and find ourselves in a place like Puerto Rico but with functioning institutions. T Mobile, Walmart and Home Depot, not FEMA, Verizon or the motorcades of pols who somehow think we care if their hairdresser achieved that “competent but not aloof” look for the disaster zone.

  6. A lot of people have two fridges but one is not in the kitchen – it’s in the garage or pantry, etc. I do. Fridge #2 is either your old fridge or a cheapo white box model.

    This setup looks stupid. I wholeheartedly endorse the LG’s instead of Sub-Zeros (1/5th the price and a better fridge with linear compressor and when it breaks you can just roll it out of the niche and roll in a new one without having to redo you cabinetry). However in terms of looks, 1 all refrigerator and 1 all freezer would have looked better and made more sense.

    I do have 2 dishwashers. Recommend if you have the space. A dishwasher is cheaper than a 24″ cabinet in most cases. Again in my case dishwasher #2 is the dishwasher from my old kitchen. It doesn’t really match the new one because it’s old Maytag with black exterior/plastic interior vs all stainless like #1 but it refuses to die (actually the display board did go a few years ago but fixing appliance is cheap if you do your own labor). Dishwashers are especially simple devices. Basically all they are is a box with a pump, a few solenoid valves and a float switch.

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