Equatorial countries will attack us with CO2 vacuums?

We in the temperate zones of Planet Earth have been waging war on folks at the Equator for the past few hundred years. We dig up dinosaur blood and coal, set it on fire, and fill with atmosphere with CO2. Who suffers most from the resulting warming? Folks who live at sea level near the Equator, where it was already too damn hot.

Suppose that, 25 years from now, the Chinese develop an awesome solar-powered CO2-extraction machine. Barack Obama dusts off his Nobel Peace Prize to get all of the correct-thinking countries to buy and run these machines until CO2 is reduced to a level that is optimum for the U.S. and similarly-situated nations.

What stops Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ecuador, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, et al. from deciding to buy and run carbon sequestration machines until the Earth gets kicked back into its “going back towards an Ice Age” phase?

It is not as though these folks really owe us temperate-zone-dwellers anything, right?

8 thoughts on “Equatorial countries will attack us with CO2 vacuums?

  1. Why can’t that be addressed by appropriately updated climate change movement? New Paris treaty for *minimum* carbon emissions targets?

    Or people from temperate zones can move to Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ecuador, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, et al. as undocumented immigrants and get free housing, food and healthcare?

    • Don’t confuse the Real Climate Science site (realclimatescience.com) with the Real Climate site (www.realclimate.org). RealClimate.org is a legitimate site run by scientists. RealClimateScience.com is a political site masquerading as scientific one.

      And the Watts Up With That site’s agenda is denying anthropogenic climate change:


      It’s run by a former television weather man. His Wikipedia page says he went to Purdue University and took meteorology and electrical engineering classes, but never graduated or received a degree.

  2. Actually, most of the warming due to the greenhouse effect happens in more temperate climates because atmospheric humidity is already a strong greenhouse gas.

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