“Marriage and alimony are acceptable, but being single and letting a guy give you things is not”

“How to Date a Lot of Billionaires” (nytimes, 11/10/2018):

The Matharoo sisters never intended to become a cautionary tale about the perils of social media influence. They were born and raised in Toronto, by middle-class parents who had immigrated from India. The sisters’ lives changed abruptly 10 years ago, when Jyoti, fresh out of college, met a Nigerian petroleum magnate.

“He’s not a rapper with expensive watches,” said Jyoti. “It’s generations and generations of money.”

He flew both sisters on private jets to France and Greece and eventually to Nigeria, a destination they did not disclose to their strict parents. Upon landing, a convoy of Mercedes-Benz G-Class S.U.V.s drove them to his home, a heavily marbled mansion with a pool and a litany of servants. Kiran lazed away poolside while Jyoti accompanied her lover to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to play polo with a prince.

“It all happened so fast,” Jyoti said. “There wasn’t even a moment for us to be like, ‘Is this really happening?’”

Within a few months, she said, he bought her a condominium in Toronto and began giving her a monthly $10,000 stipend so she would not have to work.

This affair was not to be a forever love, though. Over the years, the sisters globe-trotted with a succession of paramours. In particular, both sisters traveled frequently to Nigeria and said that dating wealthy men there was easy. “Once they find out you have a sister, it’s over,” Kiran said. “We don’t find them. They find us.”

Neither would say exactly how many billionaires they had dated. “If you say more than one, you’re automatically considered a gold digger,” said Jyoti, though she admitted that the number is higher than one. “I’m attracted by the power of who they are, what they do and what position they are on the Forbes billionaire list.”

In the explicitly amoral societies of the U.S. and Canada, others would like to adopt this lifestyle:

The Matharoos also said they have been inundated with messages from women asking for guidance on finding a billionaire sugar daddy. “Surely you can shed some tips on how to become a kept woman who is still doing her thing,” read a typical message sent to Kiran’s Snapcha[t].

(The Times journalist and editors helpfully include some of the sisters’ best tips in the article.)

Yet a U.S. government agent suggests disapproval:

Recently Jyoti arrived at the Toronto airport with a plane ticket to Houston, only to find herself interrogated by United States customs officials.

“They were grilling me, like, ‘So, are you a prostitute? When was the last time you had a boyfriend,’” she said. “I said, ‘I didn’t know being single was a crime.’ I was so mad. Then I started crying.”

One sister correctly points out that a quickie marriage to a high-income target, followed by a family court-ordered cash stream, and/or getting pregnant and harvesting profitable child support (or selling the abortion; Canada offers unlimited child support and legal abortion, therefore lending itself nicely to this means of earning a living), wouldn’t lead to any uncomfortable questions at the border:

“Marriage and alimony are acceptable, but being single and letting a guy give you things is not,” Jyoti said. “You have to own it. I don’t feel like I’m a piece of property.”


6 thoughts on ““Marriage and alimony are acceptable, but being single and letting a guy give you things is not”

  1. Read the article, looked at some of their instagrams. Conclusively proves that even among billionaires, money can’t buy good taste.

  2. Maybe they get interrogated in Canadia because it’s rare, but it’s quite common for the attractive women in Silicon Valley to be whisked away to a foreign country by a billionaire.

  3. They’re significantly more aware than a Facebook friend of mine’s post regarding Ohio’s deplorable fetal heart bill: “Where is the bill requiring men to participate in raising the child?” I wanted to answer “Federal Family Support Act”.

  4. The stigma against whoring is an odd one. It is commonly believed that prostitution is condemned by Scripture. The opposite is true.

    Abram made his nut by pimping Sarai to Pharoah, who sent her back to Abram, with great riches after Pharoah and his horses(!) caught plague (perhaps from Sarai, explaining her infertility). Gen. 12:14-20

    Their son Isaac used the same ruse on the virtuous Abimelech with Rebekah. Gen. 26:6-12

    Jesus Christ’s progenitors (Matt. 1:3) include Phares, sired by Judah upon his daughter-in-law Tamar, who sold her favours for a goat. Gen 38:16-17

    The real problem women bring to virtuous men is their insistence on worshipping pagan idols. This is what screwed up Solomon as he got older. 1 Kings 11:4

  5. According to Phil, high class escorts must be married in order to be offered “good things”.
    To paraphrase Obama, if you like your spouse, you can keep your spouse.

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