White mayor of Boston wants to see more African Americans selling marijuana

I was too lazy to plug the phone into the Honda Odyssey and listen to an Audible lecture (on ancient Mesopotamia, by a professor who formerly played bass for the band that became the Bangles) on a recent short drive. The classical radio station was running a pitch for dollars so I switched to NPR talk radio. It was a call-in show with the white mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh.

The topic was recreational marijuana shops (“cannabis” for enthusiasts), which about 70 percent of folks in Massachusetts voted to legalize, but which neighborhoods within Boston now seek to exclude. (our town held a special meeting to exclude such enterprises, after previously voting for legalization statewide).

What the white mayor was most passionate about was that “people of color” be adequately represented among the owners and employees of the forthcoming marijuana retailers.

7 thoughts on “White mayor of Boston wants to see more African Americans selling marijuana

  1. I recall a NYT article which reported research showing that long term marijuana use led to an average IQ loss of seven points.

  2. Los Angeles has a preference for minorities and convicts in granting cannabis business licenses. As with ‘minority+women’ carveouts, this mostly means businessmen have to reserve some cash/equity for tokens.

  3. This whole thing about “people of color”, “diversity”, “minority”, etc. is getting over blown.

    There are “people of xyz” across all spectrums, a mile from you or thousands of miles from you. Pretending you are for everyone is just another way of taking advantage of the “people of xyz” nothing more.

  4. Sam: Why plug in? The only way to use Apple CarPlay in a Honda (at least our 2018 Odyssey) is hard-wired via USB.

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