Christmas versus Hanukkah

Massport enabled a direct comparison of religions with this display at Logan Airport:

10′ Christmas tree and 10″ menorah. That settles it! A hearty Merry Christmas Eve, then, to all readers who celebrate!

If you prefer Islam to Christianity you’ll be pleased to know that Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts has added Islamic verses and symbols to their Christmas Tree:

(“There is no god but God; Muhammad is the Messenger of God” from the Saudi flag, which also features a sword in case there is a need for beheading.  I think the green crescent and star is for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, but the white stripe doesn’t belong. The red flag is for Turkey.)

6 thoughts on “Christmas versus Hanukkah

  1. Let us trying this experiment. During the holy month of Ramadan, let us quote and display both Jews and Christian symbols and verses near Mosques. Let us send a message of inclusiveness and see how long this will will last.

  2. Meanwhile…in Pakistan

    A week before Christmas, two terrorists attacked a church in Quetta, Pakistan, killing nine and wounding over 50. The church’s security was able to kill one of the attackers and the other detonated his explosives-filled vest outside the main hall, where nearly 400 worshippers were gathered for Sunday services.

  3. @Townies

    Meanwhile … in Saudi Arabia

    They are laughing at us for getting their man out of the USA for not facing justice on a hit-and-run incident [1].

    @Phili or anyone else, I do not understand how this is possible. So anyone can get anyone on a private jet and fly in or out of a country bypassing customs? How is this possible?


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