If Elizabeth Warren doesn’t become president…

… will the New York Times blame voters’ prejudice against women or voters’ prejudice against Native Americans?

Readers: How do you think our Massachusetts Senator will do?


14 thoughts on “If Elizabeth Warren doesn’t become president…

    • DT has already imploded I’d say… regardless she’s extremely unlikely to make it through party primaries.

  1. If she campaigns nationwide the way she does in Massachusetts, she’ll be gone pretty soon. In her senate campaign, she didn’t get to several major cities in the state, and the one televised debate I saw, she repeated her stump speech over and over and never argued with anything her opponent said. As far as policy issues go, I think she’s doing a good job in the senate, and she should stay there. The Democrats can find someone who’s better at campaigning.

  2. I can’t see she will appeal to many except some affluent females. She claims to be going to battle for the so-called underprivileged. Do you think that many underprivileged would really trust her, a Harvard Law prof. with a long history of dishonesty? She seems a lot less sincere than Hillary & that is saying something.

  3. She will not win the nomination. Her appeal is largely to upper class white and Jewish women. The party is largely brown today, so she will likely be eclipsed by some brown woman.

  4. “In her senate campaign, she didn’t get to several major cities in the state”

    Seriously?!!! Beto campaigned in all 254 counties here in Texas, and his commute back home from Washington was a lot farther than whatever Warren’s was!!

    • I cheated on the several — what I know for sure is that she didn’t go to Fall River. She probably thinks that having been to New Bedford is good enough, but for people who live in Fall River, it isn’t anything like the same.

    • Why would voters in Fall River care about candidates making brief visits to their city? Shouldn’t they make their decision based on the candidates’ positions on the issues that they consider to be most important?

  5. Remember that a Massachusetts incumbent Democrat generally need not campaign at all. Ted Kennedy had no trouble being re-elected, for example, after killing a young woman.

  6. I, for one, felt really connected with her after her beer drinking campaign kickoff video, she showed she fits right in with the filthy unwashed masses.

  7. Did you miss Intersectionality Day? Of course it is the combination of those factors that drive the racist and sexist nature of her “unlikability”.

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