Gillette-compatible blades from Schick

In the one thing that seems to give Gillette a slight boost over the Korean-made Dorco blades is that flexible head on the Gillette handle.

What if one could buy third-party blades and put them on the Gillette handle?

Schick offers just such a product: Hydro Connect. I ordered some yesterday and will be offering a report!

(These seem to be tough to obtain from retailers, though it is easy to buy them direct from Schick. I’m wondering if retailers are afraid of getting entangled in litigation, e.g., “P&G’s Gillette sues Schick maker Edgewell over razor blade design,” which notes that “Procter & Gamble Co’s (PG.N) Gillette unit on Monday sued the maker of Schick razors for the second time in 13 months, seeking to stop its sale of razor blade cartridges designed to fit Gillette’s Fusion handles.”)

3 thoughts on “Gillette-compatible blades from Schick

  1. Can’t wait to read the latest.

    I just visited the Dorco USA website for the first time. At least they have a sense of humor with those little Post-it notes about THE ISSUE and AP Calculus in the background.

    “Talk to Gary in the product naming department and bring up THE ISSUE again.”

    Holy soap on a rope, Batman! The shaving war is getting hot! With Schick and Gillette grappling in court, Dorco is going for the takedown! Their Frugal Dude Pack is now on sale for $28.65 + shipping, down from $47.75 – 40% off! They offered free shipping to my address, which I guess takes extra time, along with a bunch of paid shipping options.

    “The Frugal Pack comes with 2 handles, 16 cartridges, and 12 disposable razors…” and that’s a lot of shavin’ for under $30. It’s a mix of 3,4 and 5 blade handles, cartridges and disposables, tho.

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