Meet in Austin, Texas this week?

Ever since being assured by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that socialism is essential for well-being, I have planned to visit Texas, where state/local government consumes only 7.6 percent of income (Tax Foundation; compare to New York at 12.7 percent), and enjoy it before the inevitable downward spiral from an undersized government.

It turns out that this is the big week for the investigation into the suffering endured by an under-served population.

I myself will be under-served at the Fairmont (no free Internet!).

Who would like to meet in Austin, perhaps coffee at the Fairmont, this week? I should be available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. I can also get together in the evening. Email to if interested.

Who has brilliant ideas for activities, cultural events, and sightseeing?

[Update: Wrap-up meeting on Thurday morning, 2/21, Fairmont lobby coffee bar, starting 8:30 am.]

7 thoughts on “Meet in Austin, Texas this week?

  1. It’s been a while, but I’d recommend going to 6th street for some live music. “Salt Lick” for BBQ. Also, get a drink (not dinner) here for the view:
    I don’t think it’s the season, but the seeing the bats leave the bridge downtown is amazing, when they are in town.
    To get a real feel for the Texas lifestyle, I’d also recommend going to a place with two-step/line dancing, but it’s been too long to recommend a particular place.

  2. Visit the Central Library, it is amazing! Tour the State Capitol, of course it is higher than the one in Washington (and the always – often for sad reasons – entertaining Texas Legislature is currently in session).
    Take a walk around Barton Springs, take a dive in the pool if you are brave. Have a Taco at Torchy (or, if you ask me, preferably visit the Tacorrido drive-thru on 1st and also order the Equinox to get your caffeine fix). Check out a gig at Hotel Vegas or Sahara Lounge.
    Have fun and beware of the constant weather changes 😉

  3. You will be right across the street from the Ironworks bbq – a good spot for lunch. And a short walk from the Rainey street district where all the hip new hotspots are- I haven’t been to any of them. If the weather is nice Town Lake is close by for as long a walk as you want. Live music is an Austin specialty – pick up a Chronicle for listings or ask me for recommendations

  4. Timing is off for me. Just finished a job in Austin last week.

    I’ll second Ethan’s recommendation. Buccee’s is something else.

    I also like the idea of a drink at The Oasis.

    Being a guy that seeks out good beer when travelling, I will recommend Jester King out in Dripping Springs and also the Burnet Rd. location of Pinthouse Pizza.

    Just so you don’t sound like a rube in Austin, Burnet is pronounced BURNit by the locals.

  5. Salt Lick is about 30 miles out of town, you’ll need a rental car. Try the Whole Foods HDQ on 6th Street. Any bar on 6th street will do. Beers. Carbach from Houston. Deep Ellum Brewing company from Dallas. Shiner Bock, but pick one of the alt flavors you don’t find in Massachusetts. Iron Works BBQ is Downtown. Get a drink at the JW Marriott on 2nd street in outdoor corner bar. Threadgills is Authentic Texas fare, and live music. Hut’s hamburgers. Frank & Angie’s Pizzeria. Whole Foods HDQ has 6-7 food stations excellent for lunch.

  6. From your location, Cooper’s old time Pit BBQ is a great BBQ place. It’s a few blocks away and better than Salt Lick in my opinion!

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