Bulletin board at the Lutheran chuch

From University Lutheran Church in Harvard Square. Small sign to fit small window:

Why don’t black lives matter enough for a big banner down the side of the building?

Ever wonder about the difference between “use” and “utilize”? This sign should help:

Concerned about starving Venezuelans? It is the “hundreds of thousands of federal workers” whose paychecks are delayed for whom you should worry. Also that “this President [has made] numerous statements disparaging our fellow human beings, fellow people of the faith, and all of them children of God.”

Turns out that the God’s Jewish children living in Israel (perpetrators of “colonialism”) might need to be disparaged…

[Martin Luther himself proposed “First, to set fire to their synagogues or schools … This is to be done in honor of our Lord and of Christendom, so that God might see that we are Christians …Second, I advise that their houses also be razed and destroyed. …” It seems that the majority of Lutherans were supporters of Hitler and National Socialism (not to be confused with the Democratic Socialism espoused by Bernie Sanders and AOC). This church is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, which periodically makes the news for its anti-Israel positions (example). Maybe they can’t forgive Israel for executing fellow Lutheran Adolf Eichmann?]

Need help changing your gender so that you can qualify as an LGBTQ (but not “IA”?) minister?

Some final notes:


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  1. Why don’t black lives matter enough for a big banner down the side of the building?

    What a bizarre, pointless question. This sign bothers you so much that you go on an extended and incoherent anti-Lutheran rant somehow roping in Adolf Eichmann. Readers, what is the most likely explanation for such a negative reaction to the assertion that black lives matter?

    • Many of the other churches in the area have exterior Black Lives Matter banners that are at least 10X the area of the sign at this church. Let’s consider the extreme case of using a desk printer to make an 8.5×11″ piece of paper with the words “Black Lives Matter” in 12 pt. Courier, then taping that to a window. Would you be impressed with the commitment to black lives demonstrated by a church that used such a sign?

    • It’s an expression of a sentiment. It doesn’t matter how big it is. You’re really claiming that the fact that other churches have larger banners is what motivated you to use Google to look up the worst things said and done by Lutherans in the last 500 years and post them on your blog.

  2. “We are going to end the wealth and racial disparities in our current incarceration rates.” — Rachael Rollins, Suffolk County DA

    Why no concern to end the gender disparities in incarceration rates?

  3. @Vince,

    You don’t see a problem with the images, comments and links that Philip provided in this posting do you? I do.

    You see, the moment you ask those folks who support and put all of those posting — that you need their to help, to open their homes and wallet, the majority will step aside. In my opinion, Philip has showed this over and over again, be it directly or indirectly via this blog. Posting like what Philip showed are nothing but fell-good-talk; Elizabeth Warren is a good example to start with or any politician be it Democrat or Republican.

  4. George:

    Unless you happen to know members of this particular congregation you have absolutely no basis for your assertions. In fact, one of the signs contradicts your claim. They have a homeless shelter in the church building. You also have no evidence to support your guess about what Phil is so upset about. If you’re going to take a guess, you should start with the most likely explanation.

  5. @Vince,

    No, I do not know any member of this congregation or the congregation itself, and no, I have no idea what Philip’s exact point is by this post. However, the congregation homeless shelter is funded by the government: “The Shelter is funded by government and private contributions as well as donations from individuals” [1], which means you and me are paying for them to work for homeless support — they are not opening their own homes or wallet, they are having an easy life on our back (at lest on my back). Please don’t get me started on how it is hard work to support and help the homeless.

    [1] https://unilu.org/ministries/homeless-shelter/

    • Perhaps the ‘Reply’ link below a comment to which you are replying makes for a more easily followed thread than cluttering the main one with ‘@Vince’ and ‘George:’.

    • George:

      I can’t imagine how you think that the members of the congregation are “having an easy life on our back”. The only possibility is that some members are receiving large salaries for running the shelter.

  6. It’s an interesting case of “history doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme”. We’re in an era as intensely religious as the 17th century.

    “Before Galileo’s discovery the antithesis between faith and science had been partly admitted. Luther had cried out against the ‘harlot reason’. Philosophy, science and the processes of reasoned thought were felt to be safe only so long as they were guided by revealed religion. Truth sprang from direct and divine revelation; scientific facts, for which man had no better evidence than that of his own faculties, might be merely the calculated deception of the devil.”

    from The Thirty Years War by CV Wedgwood. It’s the same now except that instead of Christianity, the ‘revealed religion’ is the baizuo belief system, to which this church has transitioned.

    Hence the baizuo attitude towards Science, which ostensibly they embrace. Science in the western world is now mostly garbage, which doesn’t seem to matter much, but if you stray into heretical scientific territory, you better watch out! The Google Heretic found this out, as did James Watson, Charles Murray, Lawrence Summers, etc etc.

  7. Was there anything about Jesus Christ on the bulletin board? That would seem to be a pretty serious omission.

  8. @Mitch, the ‘Reply’ link is only available to the top comment, so if I wanted to reply to your reply I won’t be able to and the same is true for all comments.

    Personalty, I do not like the ‘Reply’ link because the only way one can find out if there is a new comment on a post is by looking up the dates and time-stamp of comments. This was a feedback to Philip that I gave when he moved his blog to this new site.

    I would like to see the ‘Reply’ link removed because of those 2 issues I highlighted.

    • I see what you mean by your first point. That’s ridiculous.

      I disagree on the second issue, mainly because threads here aren’t so long that it is difficult to scan them for new ones. Also this can be somewhat addressed by the follow-up comments notification option.

  9. Calvinism, Lutheranism, and Anglicanism have completely failed in a short period of time in terms of world history. They effectively won’t exist in three generations. When the next Great Awakening rolls around it will be either Orthodox, Catholic, or some wacky new cult. It might even be Mormonism.

    I expect the next Great Awakening within my lifetime.

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