Separate but equal facilities for blacks and whites at Columbia University

Back in 2014, I wrote about Oberlin College setting up special dorms for students with darker skin and/or less family money.

Much funnier is this recent video (not de-platformed by YouTube/Google yet!) of white Columbia students singing the praises of separate but equal.

[Video source: a deeply closeted Harvard professor (thus far he has managed to conceal his sinful thoughts from colleagues and administrators).]

8 thoughts on “Separate but equal facilities for blacks and whites at Columbia University

  1. Beautiful. A video of a Jewish guy from LA interviewing white, Asian and Hispanic students in NYC (in New York City!!!!!!!) about their endorsement of segregated housing at Columbia.

    Are they for real, or somehow reality-distorted because of their youth and the Academic Gas which they inhale every day on campus has had a durable, neurotoxic effect on their collective executive function?

    The real people in the neighborhood clearly disagree – free of brain damage, thank God.

    Also segments of him interviewing a klansman and showing him a black movie on his cell phone….glorious!!

    My daughter graduated from Oberlin in 2016. You didn’t mention the 2nd oldest segregated housing unit on Oberlin’s campus – Johnson House (also known as Johnson House or J-House (antisemitic???)) – segregated housing for Jewish students. Empowering and the source of great matzo ball soup in the stark Ohio winters. Yalla!:

    I love it. Isn’t America beautiful?

    Now can I get a tinto with my pastel gloria? ( I miss pre-gentrification Queens – land of true diversity: ).

    • That assumes anyone wants a race blind society any longer, which is not the case. The people doing this want you to talk about nothing but race, and a whole lot more. As a result we see these amazing convolutions wherein the guy from the KKK supports the liberal students, professors and administrators at Columbia University segregating their facilities, but for very different reasons.

  2. PaulS– the modern point of view is that if one is blind to race (or gender), one perpetuates systemic racism (or sexism). You will get yelled at on a university campus for saying that you don’t see color.

    • I regret to admit that my dog is racist: it does not see color either.

      But I digress… Are you suggesting that lower GPA scores cannot be simply fixed by reparations? Or in plain economic terms, how much?

    • I am not suggesting anything, I was helping out PaulS with current progressive stances on this race thing…

  3. Deplorable-
    Sorry if I failed to make it sufficiently clear. My post was intended as a parody and not an attack on anything you wrote. My apologies.

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